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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Charles Causley, Celebrating Spring in North Cornwall

A little early, but I've been busy making travel arrangements for the Spring.

Charles Causley, Celebrating Spring

The Seasons in North Cornwall

O Spring has set off her green fuses

Down by the Tamar today,

And careless, like tide-marks, the hedges,

Are bursting with almond and may.

Here lie I waiting for old summer,

A red face and straw-coloured hair has he:

I shall meet him on the road from Marazion

And the Mediterranean Sea.

September has flung a spray of rooks

On the sea-chart of the sky,

The tall shipmasts crack in the forest

And the banners of autumn fly.

My room is a bright glass cabin,

All Cornwall thunders at my door,

And the white ships of winter lie

In the sea-roads of the moor.

Charles Causley,

Collected Poems 1951 – 2000 (Picador)

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