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Thursday, 23 February 2017

South-West England: A dolphin 'massacre' in our waters

From Plymouth Herald

"Wildlife groups have warned that the killing of dolphins in waters off Plymouth and the South West has become a 'massacre' - with over 100 found dead in just six weeks. Since Christmas, small trawlers operating in an area from Mevagissey in Cornwall to Plymouth have hauled dozens of dead and rotting dolphins. A total of 106 dolphins and porpoises have washed up on beaches and in the nets of fishing boats in just eight weeks according to Cornwall Wildlife Trust."

‘Massacre’ of dolphins in British seas, The Times

"Wildlife groups have warned that dolphins are being massacred in British waters. Half as many have died in the past two months as during the whole of last year. A total of 106 dolphins and porpoises have washed up on Cornwall’s beaches and in fishing boat nets in eight weeks, according to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. The toll for last year was 205, while in the previous two years the numbers had been less than 100. Large trawlers are being blamed for the increase. French boats are said to be the worst offenders because they work in pairs. Trawlers compete with dolphins for fish, causing them to be caught up in nets and suffocated".

Dolphins are mysteriously washing up on Cornish beaches in greater numbers, 18 January, 2017, The Independent

"Marine experts are investigating after the number of dolphins being washed up on the Cornish coast increased six-fold in a year".

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