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Saturday, 18 February 2017

NHS Health Check: Which local services are under threat? BBC

"You may not know it, but over the past year local NHS leaders across England have been meeting to draw up plans to overhaul the health service".

Revealed: NHS faces GP recruitment crisis as 40% of doctors approach retirement - inews

"An i investigation into blueprints for the NHS around the country reveals scant planning as almost 40 per cent of GPs approach retirement...Nursing recruits plummet 23% - A similar issue is also looming in nursing, with the number of recruits plummeting by 23 per cent due to the removal of the Government’s bursary scheme and applications from the European Union plunging by 90 per cent due to Brexit. It comes a week after the Royal College of Midwives reported a similar recruitment issue with the number of new recruits failing to match the number of midwives due for retirement".

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The full list of the 24 A&E units marked for closure, inews

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NHS ‘must avoid hiring cheaper nurses to fill gaps’

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10 million GP appointments are lost every year to no shows

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NHS cuts 15,000 beds in six years: One in ten have been axed - equivalent to closing 24 hospitals, report reveals, MailOnline

BBC TV, Hospital, Episode 6- In this episode, surgeons are forced to use unconventional methods to get their operations completed against the odds.

NHS: LORD SAATCHI says the Government must set up a Royal Commission into its future, MailOnline

Centre for Policy Studies report (Maurice Saatchi) -pdf

"Regardless of one’s perspective on the NHS – the pessimistic view that it is in, or on the brink of, crisis; a belief that the system is performing adequately but faces looming longterm challenges; or the optimistic position that the NHS will continue providing worldclass healthcare if just left to its own devices by meddling politicians – a Royal Commission is the potential game-changer to meet and sustain it for decades to come. Whereas piecemeal reforms may end up overwhelmed by the system’s wider problems, or last only the lifetime of an individual government, a Royal Commission is an opportunity to find common ground on some of the most serious problems the NHS is facing today, as well as the challenges and opportunities still ahead".


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