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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Bridport and Dorchester, 19th August, 2017: Carnival and Cider Festival, Good music!

"Hey Jude", Wessex Military Band in Bucky Doo Square, Bridport Carnival

Dorchester Cider Festival:

Carnivores' Hog Roast

The Leggomen, UK Indie Band from Weymouth

Ugo Foscolo, To Zakynthos; A Zacinto; Sonnet on Zante; Ζάκυνθος


Né più mai toccherò le sacre sponde
ove il mio corpo fanciulletto giacque,
Zacinto mia, che te specchi nell'onde
del greco mar da cui vergine nacque

Venere, e fea quelle isole feconde
col suo primo sorriso, onde non tacque
le tue limpide nubi e le tue fronde
l'inclito verso di colui che l'acque

cantò fatali, ed il diverso esiglio
per cui bello di fama e di sventura
baciò la sua petrosa Itaca Ulisse.

Tu non altro che il canto avrai del figlio,
o materna mia terra; a noi prescrisse
il fato illacrimata sepoltura.

English Translation - from

To Zakynthos

I'll never step ashore and feel your beach
the way I felt it as a barefoot child,
or see you waver in the windy reach
of goddess-bearing sea. You were the island
Venus made with her first smile,
Zakynthos, the moment she was born.
No song embraced your leafy sky,
not even his who sang the fatal storm
and how Ulysses, his misfortunes past
and beautiful with fame, sailed home at last.

Some will not return: I too
offend the powers that be, am banned
from home. Oh maternal land,
my words are all I have to send to you

The Hill of Strani: inspired by Solomos' Hymn to Liberty


Πλιά στη ζωή δεν θα πατεί το δύστυχο ποδάρι
Τις άγιες όχθες που άγγιζα στα χρόνια τα χρυσά, 
Ω ποθητή μου Ζάκυνθο, που πάντοτε με χάρη
Στο κύμα καθρεφτίζεσαι, στα Ελληνικά νερά.

Η Αφροδίτη ολόλαμπρη από κει μέσα βγήκε 
Κ’ έκαμε με το γέλιο της γόνιμα τα νησιά, 
Οπού απερίγραφτα ο λαμπρός ο στίχος δεν αφήκε 
Τα νέφη σου τα διάφανα, τα δένδρα τα πυκνά, 

Του ποιητή που έψαλλε τη διάφορη εξορία, 
Της μοίρας τ’ άγρια κύματα, που το μικρό νησί 
Ο Οδυσσέας εφίλησε τρανός στη δυστυχία. 

Απ’ το παιδί σου το άχαρο, ω μητρική μου γη, 
Μονάχα το τραγούδι του θα χεις για συντροφιά.
Σ’ εμένα η Μοίρα μου έγραψε αδάκρυτη ταφή.

Another version in a free Greek translation, by Anna Plaisa Antonopoulou:

Compare: Edgar Allen Poe's Sonnet

To Zante

Fair isle, that from the fairest of all flowers,
Thy gentlest of all gentle names dost take!
How many memories of what radiant hours
At sight of thee and thine at once awake!
How many scenes of what departed bliss!
How many thoughts of what entombed hopes!
How many visions of a maiden that is
No more- no more upon thy verdant slopes!
No more! alas, that magical sad sound
Transforming all! Thy charms shall please no more--
Thy memory no more! Accursed ground
Henceforth I hold thy flower-enameled shore,
O hyacinthine isle! O purple Zante!
"Isola d'oro! Fior di Levante!"

Friday, 18 August 2017

The Realities of Brexit?

From EU Observer - Brexit realities dawn in UK

Leaving EU without deal would be no disaster, says thinktank, The Guardian

Corfu Villages, Gallery of Corfu Village Photographs by Steve Ford


Steve Ford writes:

"Pictures from my travels around the villages of Central Corfu. There are over 100 photographs here and many have never appeared before on the internet or in books. I hope you like them".

Corfu Villages Book Paperback – 2014,

Vitsa Panigyri, Zagori, Greece: Chris King and Paul Duane - Τα πανηγύρια, ένας αμερικανός μουσικός και μια ιρλανδική ταινία

From - Τα πανηγύρια, ένας αμερικανός μουσικός και μια ιρλανδική ταινία, by Barbara Angeli

"It is clear from the film that King is a very demanding musician, but also quite romantic. For him, what was recorded on a 78 rpm record touches perfection. As for Zagori, it seems that he found the opposite of America in the way of life and thought. As he mentions, it is a place that has not been influenced by the Western way of life".


See also: Μια ταινία για το Ζαγόρι και τον Christopher King

"While You Live, Shine" , IMdB

"A moving, powerful journey deep into the oldest music in the Western world, guided by the eccentric musicologist who has dedicated his life to understanding and preserving it. An immersive sonic and visual feast that leaves the viewer feeling they've looked into a way of life that the 21st century has left behind. A call to arms for a different way of listening to music, understanding humanity and living as a community".

More information about the screening

Ο Christopher King έχει ήδη κυκλοφορήσει για το διεθνές κοινό, μια σειρά από ποιοτικές δισκογραφικές συλλογές για την Ελληνική Δημοτική Μουσική, όπως τα «Why The Mountains Are Black» (Γιατί είναι Μαύρα τα Βουνά) και «A Lament For Epirus» (Ένα Μοιρολόϊ για την Ήπειρο), βασισμένες αποκλειστικά σε παλιές ηχογραφήσεις σε δίσκους 78 στροφών. Το πρώτο βιβλίο του, που αφηγείται την ιστορία της γνωριμίας και της μετέπειτα βαθειάς σχέσης του με την Ηπειρώτικη Μουσική, θα κυκλοφορήσει στην Αγγλική γλώσσα το 2018, από τον γνωστό Αμερικανικό Εκδοτικό Οίκο W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. Είναι αυτή τη στιγμή, ο παγκοσμίως μεγαλύτερος συλλέκτης δίσκων 78 στροφών με Ηπειρώτικη Μουσική, όπως επίσης ένας μουσικός παραγωγός, βραβευμένος για το έργο του με πέντε βραβεία Grammy.

Ο Paul Duane είναι Ιρλανδός σκηνοθέτης και παραγωγός, με μια σειρά από διεθνώς αναγνωρισμένα ντοκιμαντέρ στο ενεργητικό του.

Η εκδήλωση πραγματοποιείται με την ευγενική οικονομική υποστήριξη του Ριζαρείου Ιδρύματος καθώς και επιχειρηματιών του τουρισμού της περιοχής Ζαγορίου. Τελεί υπό την αιγίδα του Ριζαρείου Ιδρύματος, του Δήμου Ζαγορίου και του Πνευματικού Κέντρου Δήμου Ιωαννιτών. Στην εκδήλωση θα παρευρεθούν και θα απευθύνουν χαιρετισμό, μεταξύ των άλλων και οι βασικοί συντελεστές της, ο σκηνοθέτης Paul Duane και o συγγραφέας Christopher King.

Η αυθεντικότητα της Ηπειρωτικής μουσικής παράδοσης, και ιδιαίτερα αυτής του Ζαγορίου με τα παραδοσιακά πανηγύρια, που αντιστέκεται και μένει αναλλοίωτη στο χρόνο και στις ξένες επιρροές θα προβληθεί σε όλο τον κόσμο μέσα από τη νέα ταινία «While you Live, Shine» («Όσο ζεις, λάμπε») του Ιρλανδού σκηνοθέτη Paul Duane και την δουλειά του Αμερικανού μουσικού ερευνητή Christopher King που ήταν και ο εμπνευστής της....(

"While You Live, Shine" του Ιρλανδού σκηνοθέτη Paul Duane
Ώρα 8 μ.μ., Κυριακή 13 Αυγούστου, 2017

Με την οικονομική υποστήριξη
του Ριζαρείου Ιδρύματος


"While You Live, Shine" of the Irish filmmaker Paul Duane
8 PM Sunday 13 August, 2017

With the financial support
of the Rizarios Foundation

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Dorchester Cider Festival, 19th August

Remembering Adge Cutler and Pete Shutler

To get you in the mood!

From North Somerset to West Dorset:

Cinema in Africa: From Colonial to Contemporary Cutting Edge; Film Aesthetics, Film Language

See updated posting 

UK, Fracking: Shale rock professor says UK gas reserves 'hyped' (BBC News)

Fracking: Shale rock professor says UK gas reserves 'hyped', BBC News

Portuguese Love Songs, BBC Radio 3 - Modinhas and Fado

Seductive, Voluptuous and Profane - Portuguese Love Songs

The Early Music Show - 26 days to listen

Lucie Skeaping talks to lutenist and director Zak Ozmo about his project based on 18th-century Portuguese love songs, known as "modinhas".

In this programme we will explore the history of the 18th-century Portuguese modinha and myths that surround the creation of this fascinating genre. The themes are recognisable, the melodies haunting, and the genre is still able to stir the passions today as it did over two hundred years ago.

Dorchester, Dorset: Archaeology should be Dorchester’s Unique Selling Point, not considered an impediment to development; Alistair Chisholm

A letter to View from Dorchester from Alistair Chisholm  (16th August)- with which I fully agree:

Also posted in link below, by Beyond Reality News:

LETTERS: Archaeology should be Dorchester’s USP, not considered an impediment to development

On Dorchester's archaeology and visitor appeal, its 'USP' or Unique Selling Point:

"This is consistently seen as something of an awkward impediment to development (with phrases like ‘the site has constraints in terms of archaeology’ and ‘much greater archaeological costs’ and ‘the possible presence of archaeological features should not be ruled out.’).

It is this very archaeology which makes Dorchester the unique place that it is; it is an integral part of the story of the town; it is of ‘national importance’, to quote Heritage England, and could and should be acting as a USP for a town which already boasts two other names – Roman ‘Durnovaria’ and Thomas Hardy’s ‘Casterbridge’."

Meet Alistair Chisholm, Marshwood Vale Magazine

Dorchester Town Councillor

Letters from Karel Čapek, England, Anglické listy (1924): In the Footsteps of Karel Čapek; Dopisy od Karla Čapka

A Czech Television film, following the footsteps of Karel Čapek in the UK. How has Great Britain changed over the years? 52 minutes, in Czech. For an English translation of the commentary, go to Titulky and Translate to English.

Dopisy od Karla Čapka. Po devadesáti letech putujeme po stopách Anglických listů Karla Čapka. Jak se za tu dobu změnila Velká Británie?

From the book:

"Escape", Letters from England (translated by Paul Selver, London, 1925). At the end of his trip in 1924 (he had arrived in England on 28th May, 2014) :

From "The English Park":

Karel Čapek, conceptual outline and draft article, "Maddening London",  for The Evening News (London, 1924), written, soon after his arrival in London, in the form of a letter; printed, with a facsimile of the manuscript, in the book above (page 88-91), by Otakar Vočadlo, Prof. PhDr.:

I'm not sure (I am, of course) how the Scots would have felt about this article from The Manchester Guardian, 1924:

Letters from England: Views on London and Londoners by Karel Capek, Literary London

From another beautifully-written "Letter" about the shells and crystals in the Natural History Museum:

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Weymouth Carnival Time

Far from the crowds, at Overcombe Bay

UK: Power of Attorney - The Risks; Lack of Safeguards

From BBC Radio 4

"A retired senior judge has warned the power of attorney lacks safeguards, saying he would never sign one himself".

MailOnline: "One in eight elderly people become victims of fraud when they let their family or friends control their cash, says top judge"

Which Guide, Setting up Lasting Power of Attorney

Make, register or end a lasting power of attorney,

Even loving families can turn on each other: Elderly people’s finances need better protection than the power of attorney system provides, Jenni Russell, The Times, August 17, 2017:

"I have just signed the papers that give me power of attorney over an elderly relative’s money, should they reach the point where they cannot manage it themselves. I thought I was being responsible and protective. Now I discover that my relative may have unwittingly granted me the licence to steal their assets without much chance of being detected or stopped".

Monday, 14 August 2017

On Maiden Castle - "Wo ist das Schloss?"

Walking on Maiden Castle this evening, I was approached by two disappointed and confused German hikers (mother and daughter). They'd walked from Abbotsbury, and they were tired after having lost their way near the Hardy Monument , "Where is the Castle?Where is the building?"

"Wo ist das Schloss? Indeed. They showed me their map. They'd been told they mustn't miss it on any account. They'd expected an imposing stone building, or something like the ruins of Corfe Castle.

Maybe maps should give a clearer indication of what to expect.

They were hoping to catch a bus back to Abbotsbury.

I fear they might have been doubly disappointed.

I wish I had remembered what William Barnes once wrote, in a letter of August 17th, 1865:

"Castellum...meant an earthwork till stone castella were built in far later times".


Grigoris Kapsalis in Vitsa, 2016

Μέχρι να βγει ο ήλιος… στη Βίτσα

Last night in Monodendri, preview of Paul Duane's new documentary film (from his Twitter account)

A Bizarre Story (Australia and New Zealand)

I've just been sent this link; as the sender said, "A bizarre story".

Barnaby Joyce refers himself to high court over New Zealand citizenship, The Guardian

On Obscure Points of Ethiopian History

An old friend from Addis days, S. PIERRE PETRIDES, once presented me with an offprint from one of his articles, which was published in 1966,

In the article, he quotes from the book by E.O.Winstedt:

Eric Otto Winstedt, The Christian Topography of Cosmas Indicopleustes, Cambridge, 1909

Here is the quotation, which I find rather eloquent and witty (click to enlarge):

Demographic Change in Europe: Europeʼs Demographic Future; Greece, UK examples

The Dwindling Greeks: Alarming Study on Population in 2050, Greek Reporter

"From a population of about 10.8 million in 2016, Greece’s population will drop to 9.9 million by 2030 and to 8.9 million by 2050".

Europeʼs Demographic Future, Berlin Institute for Population and Development (pdf file, 156 pages)

See UK, from page 47

Population size in million (2016) 65.4 Projected population size in million (2030) 71.6 Projected population size in million (2050) 77.6 Total fertility rate (2015) 1.80 Annual net migration per 1,000 inhabitants (2011-2015) 4.0 Median age (2016) 40.0 Life expectancy (2015) 81.0 GDP per capita in euros (2016) 36,100 GDP per capita at PPP (2016) 31,200 Unemployment rate (2016) 4.8

Greece from page 132

Population size in million (2016) 10.8 Projected population size in million (2030) 9.9 Projected population size in million (2050) 8.9 Total fertility rate (2015) 1.33 Annual net migration per 1,000 inhabitants (2011-2015) -4.5 Median age (2016) 43.9 Life expectancy (2015) 81.1 GDP per capita in euros (2016) 16,300 GDP per capita at PPP (2016) 19,500 Unemployment rate (2016) 23.6

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Corfu, Fire on New Fortress; Κέρκυρα, Φωτιά στο Νέο Φρούριο.

Κέρκυρα: Φωτιά στο Νέο Φρούριο. Corfu TV News

Κέρκυρα: Φωτιά στο νέο φρούριο - Μεγάλη φωτιά ξέσπασε πριν από λίγη ώρα σε δασική έκταση στο νέο φρούριο της Κέρκυρας που βρίσκεται στην καρδιά της πόλης, πάνω από το παλιό λιμάνι.

Κέρκυρα: Πυρκαγιά στο Νέο Φρούριο

Κέρκυρα: Νέα φωτιά στο νέο φρούριο - (ERT) -Φωτιά ξέσπασε πριν λίγη ώρα στην ακρόπολη του νέου φρουρίου , προκαλώντας αναστάτωση στην ευρύτερη περιοχή. Επι τόπου έχει σπεύσει ισχυρή δύναμη της πυροσβεστικής υπηρεσίας ενώ να σημειωθεί ότι είναι η δεύτερη φορά που ξεσπάει φωτιά στο συγκεκριμένο χώρο σε λιγότερο από ένα μήνα.

Κέρκυρα: Αγανάκτηση και προβληματισμός για την φωτιά στο Νέο Φρούριο. Corfu TV News

Weymouth, The Sea - and Alcohol

A fabulous day for swimming at Overcombe Bay.

Hard to believe some headlines:

From Dorset Echo: Weymouth seafront continues to be hotspot for alcohol-fuelled disorder

"We're not safe here"

The Road to Wincanton: A Road Sign, An Anniversay

An old road sign (indicating direction and distance) seen in a shop window.

Forty-eight years ago today I followed that very route,
 from Castle Cary to Wincanton, on a very significant occasion.

Strange to see that same old sign on display today.


For General Makriyannis, Paintings by Panayotis Zografos and sons

Some of my favourite Greek paintings.

From The Gennadius Library - "A series of paintings illustrating episodes in the Greek War of Independence, executed for General Makriyannis by the artist Panayotis Zografos and his sons".