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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Fracking under a National Park, UK: Ineos Shale to frack in North York Moors; Fracking Pads the size of football fields.

From The Sunday Times, 31 December 2017 (register or subscribe to read), Jonathan Leake

“We can’t frack in national parks but we can frack under them by drilling sideways from points around the edges,” said Tom Pickering, of Ineos Shale, which will make the planning applications.

“In 2018 we want to do a geological survey to build a 3D picture of the rock strata before drilling test wells".

' If gas is found, then, in each licence area of six miles by six miles, Ineos would build between 10 and 15 fracking pads and drill up to 10 wells from each pad'.

Fracking (shale gas), North York Moors National Park

"The NPA welcomes the Government’s intention to prohibit any surface development required for hydraulic fracturing within National Parks as this increases the protection afforded to these special areas (DECC Consultation 4 Nov 2015). However, the Regulations voted on today (16 December 2015) which allow fracking to occur below 1200m from drilling outside the boundary of a National Park undermine this intention and indeed the legislation protecting these areas, which do not stop at a certain depth below the surface. The Authority understands the Government’s wish to proceed with the shale gas industry as a transitional approach to help to move towards a lower carbon energy strategy whilst also demonstrating to the public that the country’s most sensitive environments would be protected from the risks associated with fracking. However, the fact that fracking itself will still be able to take place in the geology of the National Park means that public concerns surrounding potential groundwater contamination, seismic activity and faulting and the use of chemicals and release of naturally occurring radiative material do not appear to be addressed".


Ineos 'misled' public over fracking in Sherwood Forest, The Guardian, January 7

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