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Thursday, 28 February 2019

Cyprus: Major Natural Gas Discovery Off Cyprus

From eKathimerini, ExxonMobil announces discovery of gas reserve in Cyprus

From Greek Reporter, Nick Kampouris: US Exxon Mobil Announces Major Natural Gas Discovery Off Cyprus

Natural Gas Deposits in Cyprus’ EEZ Alters Balance in East Mediterranean, Philip Chrysopoulos, Greek Reporter

Brexit: Expatriates haunted by uncertainty

From The Times, 28 February, 2019

"Britons living the good life in France had many questions about Brexit at a meeting in Nantes. One woman wanted to know how to obtain the residence permit she will need to stay. A second asked if she should marry a Frenchman and a third wondered whether her healthcare would carry on.

Facing them was Tom Barry, British Embassy counsellor for Europe and Global Issues, who had to admit that he did not have all the answers. In September 2016, the embassy started organising meetings for the 200,000 or so Britons who have made France their home. It has already held 45 events.

With Britain’s divorce from the EU approaching, and the uncertainty as great as ever, they are attracting increasing numbers of immigrants...

Expatriates were worried sick at the absence of clarity...many issues remain foggy."

Δυστυχία σου Ελλάς - Γ. Σουρής; Georgios Souris (1853 - 1919)

Just discovering the satirical poems of Souris, rather late in the day...

From YouTube - Δυστυχία σου Ελλάς - Γ. Σουρής

Ποιος είδε κράτος λιγοστό
σ' όλη τη γη μοναδικό,
εκατό να εξοδεύει
και πενήντα να μαζεύει;

Να τρέφει όλους τους αργούς,
νά 'χει επτά Πρωθυπουργούς,
ταμείο δίχως χρήματα
και δόξης τόσα μνήματα;

Νά 'χει κλητήρες για φρουρά
και να σε κλέβουν φανερά,
κι ενώ αυτοί σε κλέβουνε
τον κλέφτη να γυρεύουνε;

Όλα σ' αυτή τη γη μασκαρευτήκαν
ονείρατα, ελπίδες και σκοποί,
οι μούρες μας μουτσούνες εγινήκαν
δεν ξέρομε τί λέγεται ντροπή.

Σπαθί αντίληψη, μυαλό ξεφτέρι,
κάτι μισόμαθε κι όλα τα ξέρει.
Κι από προσπάππου κι από παππού
συγχρόνως μπούφος και αλεπού.

Θέλει ακόμα -κι αυτό είναι ωραίο-
να παριστάνει τον ευρωπαίο.
Στα δυό φορώντας τα πόδια που 'χει
στο 'να λουστρίνι, στ' άλλο τσαρούχι.

Σουλούπι, μπόϊ, μικρομεσαίο,
ύφος του γόη, ψευτομοιραίο.
Λίγο κατσούφης, λίγο γκρινιάρης,
λίγο μαγκούφης, λίγο μουρντάρης.

Και ψωμοτύρι και για καφέ
το «δε βαρυέσαι» κι «ωχ αδερφέ».
Ωσάν πολίτης, σκυφτός ραγιάς
σαν πιάσει πόστο: δερβέναγάς.

Δυστυχία σου, Ελλάς,
με τα τέκνα που γεννάς!
Ώ Ελλάς, ηρώων χώρα,
τί γαϊδάρους βγάζεις τώρα;


Greece: Fall in Tourist Numbers from UK and Russia

From Start TV - Ελληνικός τουρισμός: Ανησυχία από την πτώση των εσόδων από Βρετανία και την κατάρρευση της Ρωσίας

"According to the official figures of the Bank of Greece, travel receipts from Britain in 2018 dropped even lower than in 2016. In particular, receipts from British tourists dropped 5.9% last year to 1.94 billion. compared with € 2.06 billion in 2017 and € 1.94 billion in 2016. Also, the number of British tourists decreased by 2% last year, falling below 3 million. For 2019, the evolution of arrivals from the British market is linked to a great extent to the final form of the British exit procedures from the EU. A substantial decrease of 19.2% was recorded last year in travel receipts from Russia, reaching historically low levels of 337.8 million euros in recent years. In 2017, travel receipts amounted to € 418.1 million and € 206 million to € 436.1 million. Similarly, arrivals of Russian tourists decreased last year by 11.6%, reaching 520.2 thousand from 588.7 thousand in 2017 and 595.5 thousand in 2016".

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Language learning in UK Schools; Changes in French, Feminine Job Titles

From BBC News - Branwen Jeffreys. Language learning: German and French drop by half in UK schools


French 'language police' accept major shakeup: feminine job titles, Euronews

European Commission: Member States' progress on economic and social priorities; Greece and other Country Reports

From the European Commission, Press Release

Country Report Greece 2019, including an In-Depth Review on the prevention and correction of macroeconomicimbalances. Pdf

2019 European Semester: Country Reports

Αρνητική για την Ελλάδα η έκθεση της Κομισιόν, Kathimerini

Greece needs to deliver reforms to get agreed cash, EU says, eKathimerini

Corfu, Greece: Lefkimmi Landfill Sabotage

Mayor΄s response to sabotage at Lefkimmi landfill: What are the police and the prosecutor doing? Enimerosi

Greek article

Update: Corfu police arrest four over landfill vandalism, eKathimerini

Related, from START TV:

Letter to PM Tsipras from the Federation of Tour Operators of Corfu

"Dear Prime Minister

At the same time that we see the danger of living in Corfu one more summer, like last year, with thousands of tons of litter flooding the island from one end to the other, the cause of  the defamation of one of the most prominent tourist destinations of the country, which is now under threat of degradation, we are being forced to split the single Kallikrati Municipality, which will further aggravate the already burdened situation for our island...."

«Αξιότιμε Κύριε Πρωθυπουργέ

Την στιγμή που είναι ορατός πλέον ο κίνδυνος να ξαναζήσουμε στην Κέρκυρα ένα ακόμα καλοκαίρι, όπως το περσινό, με τους χιλιάδες τόνους των απορριμμάτων να κατακλύσουν το νησί από την μία άκρη στην άλλη και να αποτελεί αυτό το γεγονός, αιτία δυσφήμισης ενός εκ των πιο προβεβλημένων τουριστικών προορισμών της χώρας, ο οποίος απειλείται πλέον με υποβάθμιση, γίνεται προσπάθεια να μας επιβληθεί η διάσπαση του ενιαίου Καλλικρατικού Δήμου, γεγονός που θα επιδεινώσει περαιτέρω την ήδη επιβαρυμένη κατάσταση για το νησί μας...»

Διάγγελμα Περιφερειάρχη Ιονίων Νήσων Θεόδωρου Γαλιατσάτου για τη διαχείριση των απορριμμάτων της Κέρκυρας, τα επόμενα βήματα και τους στόχους της περιφερειακής αρχής

"Αγαπητοί συμπατριώτες, Κερκυραίες και Κερκυραίοι,

Έλαβα την απόφαση να αδειοδοτήσω τη λειτουργία του ΧΥΤΥ στα Μεσοράχια της Λευκίμμης και του χώρου προσωρινής εναπόθεσης και αποθήκευσης στη θέση “Κόερου” Τεμπλονίου. Έλαβα την απόφαση αυτή συνεκτιμώντας τις δύσκολες συνθήκες, τον κίνδυνο η Κέρκυρα να εμφανιστεί και το 2019 διεθνώς με άσχημες εικόνες και ενδεχομένως αρνητικές επιπτώσεις στην οικονομία και φυσικά τους κινδύνους για τη δημόσια υγεία.

Προς τούτο συνέτειναν:

► Οι δεκάδες επιστολές των φορέων της Κέρκυρας που όλες ζητούσαν λύση

► Η προοπτική της επαπειλούμενης δημοσιονομικής διόρθωσης 4 και πλέον εκατ. ευρώ σε βάρος του Δήμου Κέρκυρας

► Κυρίως όμως η καθημερινή έκφραση της αγωνίας των συμπολιτών μου εμπρός στο φάσμα μια νέας αποτυχίας στη διαχείριση των στερεών αποβλήτων που συνοψίζεται στην φράση “Κάνε κάτι Περιφερειάρχη”.

Στην απόφασή μου αυτή επέλεξα να απεμπλέξω τους υπαλλήλους των υπηρεσιών μου αντιλαμβανόμενος τη δυσχερή τους θέση, λόγω των καθημερινών απειλών εκφοβισμού και της σωρείας των εξωδίκων που έλαβαν.

Κερκυραίες και Κερκυραίοι,

Οι αδειοδοτήσεις από μόνες τους δεν αρκούν για να λύσουν το πρόβλημα της περιόδου.

► Πρέπει οι αρμόδιοι φορείς της διαχείρισης να υπερβάλλουν εαυτούς δίδοντας λύσεις με ταχύτητα και αξιοπιστία

► Πρέπει οι οργανώσεις πολιτών να συνδράμουν στην προσπάθεια αυτή παρέχοντας συνέργεια και συναίνεση

► Πρέπει οι πράξεις βίας και καταστροφής της δημόσιας περιουσίας να αντιμετωπιστούν άμεσα και αποφασιστικά από τη δικαιοσύνη.

Στόχος όλων των πλευρών πρέπει να είναι:

Η εξασφάλιση του απαραίτητου χρόνου ώστε να εξελιχθούν και να υλοποιηθούν οι δράσεις και τα έργα που θα εγκαταστήσουν την ολοκληρωμένη διαχείριση των στερεών αποβλήτων στον τόπο μας.

Να ενταθούν οι προσπάθειες για την επιτυχή εφαρμογή της ανακύκλωσης και της διαλογής στην πηγή, ως καθοριστικός παράγοντας της επιτυχίας.

Για την εμπέδωση της αναγκαιότητας αυτής η ΠΙΝ θα πραγματοποιήσει άμεσα ειδικό ενημερωτικό πρόγραμμα δημοσιότητας μέσω των ΜΜΕ.

Αγαπητοί συμπατριώτες,

Ως Περιφερειακή Αρχή κάναμε το καθήκον μας, ανοίξαμε το δρόμο για επιτυχή έκβαση.

Ας δώσουμε όλες και όλοι τον καλύτερό μας εαυτό για να πετύχουμε.

Η Κέρκυρά μας το έχει ανάγκη!

Θεόδωρος Γαλιατσάτος

Περιφερειάρχης Ιονίων Νήσων"

An English translation can be seen on Corfu Forum

Corfu, Greece: The disposal of rubble and building waste - Τhe Curse of Fly-Tipping and Μπάζα

Μπάζα - the curse of the fly-tipping of builders' debris

Guidelines from the Cleansing Department regarding the disposal of rubble and building waste, Enimerosi

Washington DC: A Run at Sunrise

My daughter, who acts as a volunteer guide for a number of blind runners in Washington DC, was up at 5am yesterday morning, for a seven-mile run with one of the runners she accompanies.

There was a beautiful sunrise, which she was able to describe to the blind runner.

Here is a photograph she sent me:

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

GDP per capita in 281 EU regions, Eurostat

GDP per capita in 281 EU regions, News Release, 26 February

Four Regions in Greece Named Among Europe’s Poorest, Greek Reporter

Brexit: UK Citizens in Greece; Greek Foreign Ministry Website


From the Greek Foreign Ministry website:

Residence and work permit

Will it be necessary for British nationals to obtain a residence permit? What will be the steps to take to obtain a residence permit?

If the Withdrawal Agreement enters into force: UK nationals living in Greece before 31 December 2020 will have to apply for the new title required for in the Withdrawal Agreement (see WA Article 18). They will be able to make the request according to terms and a schedule that will be specified later.
In case of no deal (absence of withdrawal agreement): UK nationals permanently living in Greece before 29 March 2019 and already in possession of a registration certificate (βεβαίωση εγγραφής) or a temporary or permanent residence document(πιστοποιητικό έγγραφο άδειας διαμονής), will be asked to proceed, after 1 January 2020, to the municipal authorities and submit the relevant paperwork, in order to exchange their certificates with new biometric resident cards. A draft bill is currently being prepared on British citizens’ rights in Greece that may include provisions on this issue. Details willbe communicated via this website soon.

UK nationals living in Greece before 29 March 2019 but not registered with the police authorities, may need to apply for a registration certificate. After acquiring their registration certificate they will also be asked to proceed to the municipal authorities to submit the relevant paperwork and acquire their biometric resident cards.A draft bill is currently being prepared on British citizens’ rights in Greece that may include provisions on this issue. Details will be communicated via this website soon.

Greek Nationality

Leigh Fermor House, Repair Works Completed.

From Benaki Museum

From the PLF Blog

Dark Was The Night; From Dallas,Texas, to Epirus, Greece and Lalibela, Ethiopia; Ethiopian Art

YouTube Video: Photos and scenes from monasteries and churches in Ethiopia (Lalibela) and Greece (mostly Epirus); the music, Blind Willie Johnson, Dark was the night, cold the ground ( recorded in Dallas, December 3, 1927),

Cold was the ground (a Zen-influenced alternative)

See also: Let Your Light Shine On Me (Blind Willie Johnson, 1929)

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Old Corfu, Mouragia; Corfu Carnival

A photo from Facebook:

I once dreamed of living in an apartment
in one of those tall buildings, 
above the Mouragia (Old Walls).
The constant stream of cars,
 the fumes and noise from the congested traffic,
 put paid to that dream long ago!

The view is still inspiring.

Painters from Edward Lear to Garth Handley, and poets like Solomos were all able to enjoy it.

Garth on the left, in Carnival fancy dress, 1968. Mouragia apartment.

Corfu Carnival, 2019: Sun, 17 Feb 2019 – Sun, 10 Mar 2019

Corfu Carnival Kantades

(above two photos, JP).

The Mouragia from the sea

Photo eKorfu

An old postcard:

Song for Liberated Ioannina, Greece; ΤΑ ΠΗΡΑΜΕ ΤΑ ΓΙΑΝΝΕΝΑ

It is easy to forget how recently Ioannina was liberated.

February 21st, 1913 - the Liberation of Ioannina.

Three YouTube song videos:



The Chronicle of Liberation

From the poem Ο ΕΥΖΩΝΑΣ, Α. Μαυρουκάκη

Μὰ ὁ πόνος μεγαλύτερος σπαράζει τὴν ψυχή μου
που θα πεθάνω πρὶν νὰ ἰδω τὰ Γιάννενα πεσμένα…

My first visit to Ioannina, Easter 1968: 
spot my head between two cannonballs!

Friday, 22 February 2019

Jackie Oates, Catch Me If You Can (Dorset folksong); William Barnes

BBC Radio 3 Breakfast, 22 February, 2019,  Petroc's classical alternative

Heard on Radio 3 this morning, Catch Me If You Can (YouTube Video)

An attractive interpretation of the old Dorset folksong, Hammond D. 832 and D.564, collected in Upwey in 1907 and in South Perrott 1906.

Lyrics in "The Wanton Seed", The English Folk-Dance and Song Society.

The Joy of Living, CD, Jackie Oates

"Jackie’s seventh studio album, covers an intensely personal period of her life, in which she celebrated the birth of her daughter Rosie and bid an emotional and loving farewell to her beloved father. Recorded at home in Jackie’s kitchen (with baby Rosie in attendance) The Joy of Living features songs made famous by folk greats including Ewan McColl, Lal Waterson and Davey Steele, as well as carefully picked songs from contemporary artists such as John Lennon and Darwin Deez – all interpreted in Jackie’s inimitable style". More about Jackie Oates

The Radio 3 programme also featured Alan Chedzoy reading William Barnes' The geate a-vallen to and Ralph Vaughan Williams' setting of Linden Lea, sung by John Shirley-Quirk.

I had quite forgotten that February 22 was William Barnes' birthday. He was born in Bagber, Dorset, on 22 February, 1801.

There are other lovely folk-songs sung by Jackie Oates on YouTube. and Spotify

The Sweet Nightingale

Jackie Oates - Hyperboreans LIVE

The Trees They Are so High

For interest:

The Trees They Do Grow High - A version of the last song, sung by David Penfold, recorded by Ralph Vaughan Williams on a wax cylinder in 1907

EFDSS Cylinder No.49.  British Library Sounds.

Lawyers and Barristers: The Appeal of Dublin

Very surprised to see this photo in the Business Section of the Daily Telegraph, 21st February 2019.
The iconic, wryly amusing photo has nothing to do with the subject of the story!

Corfu, Greece: "No refuse collection until further notice"

From Enimerosi Online

"Our service has been forced to suspend refuse collection in all areas apart from Corfu Town but from tomorrow it will also be suspended there as all the available containers are full".

Announcement from the Corfu Municipal Cleansing and Recycling Service, 21st February, 2019.


- Landscapes of the imagination...No garbage in view.

A sudden U-Turn, 22 February, 2019:

Refuse collection to restart in Corfu, Enimerosi

It seems as if local politics are broken on Corfu, as national politics seem to be broken in the UK.

New membranes burnt at Lefkimmi landfill! Enimerosi, 24 February

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Dorset: First budget agreed for the new Dorset Council; Council Tax Harmonisation (= Rises)

From Dorset For You:

First budget agreed for the new Dorset Council

Harmonising Council Tax Rates

"From 1 April 2019, all residents in the new Dorset Council area will pay a standard council tax rate for Dorset Council. This is called Council Tax Harmonisation. This was agreed by councillors to be the most equitable approach as almost all council services are provided in a standard way for residents across the new council area. Previously, council tax rates varied across the five district and borough councils.

The average ‘Band D’ rate for Dorset Council will be £1629.75. This does not include charges for town or parish councils, Police or Fire and Rescue Services".


Changes to Councils in Dorset: Six Councils into One

Dorset Council merger: Council tax bills to rise, BBC News

"The changes, district by district, are:

East Dorset - increase of £4.75 a year or 0.29%, which works out as 9p more per week.
North Dorset - increase of £96.45 a year or 6.29%, which works out as £1.85 more per week.
Purbeck - increase of £35.55 a year or 2.23%, which works out as 68p more per week.
West Dorset - increase of £78.66 a year or 5.07%, which works out as £1.51 more per week.
Weymouth and Portland - reduction of £77.67 a year or 4.55%, which works out as £1.49 less per week".

That should help to pay for some of the generous redundancy payments.

Pope Francis Opens Summit on Child Protection; Blind Willie Johnson

This might be a suitable song for the closing session:

Blind Willie Johnson - Can't Nobody Hide From God

First released in 1930.

The greatest of Gospel singers.

Another Blind Willie Johnson recording to aid contemplation and repentance:

Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground

How the World Sees Britain, with Neil MacGregor (BBC World Service)

Although somewhat out of date, well worth another listen:

Germany and how it sees Britain

Episode 1 of 5

"Neil MacGregor visits different countries to talk to leading political, business and cultural figures to find out how they, as individuals and as members of their broader communities, see Britain. In Germany Neil talks to Wolfgang Schäuble, the President of the Bundestag; TV host, writer and cultural commentator Thea Dorn; and Hartmut Dorgerloh, the new Director of Berlin's Humboldt Forum. As the UK prepares to place itself on the world stage as an independent power, he explore the relationship between Germany and Britain".

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Brexit: Britons may need £52 visa to visit mainland Europe after Brexit (The Guardian)

Britons may need £52 visa to visit mainland Europe after Brexit, Daniel Boffey

"Visa-free travel plan derailed again by Spanish demands over status of Gibraltar"

Spain threatens to block EU plans to give Britons visa-free travel after a no-deal Brexit, MailOnline

BREXIT SETBACK: Britons may need to pay £52 visa to visit mainland Europe after Brexit, Video

Amendment to May's Brexit deal could protect UK and EU citizens' rights, Euro News

EU countries support copyright reform

From EU Observer - EU countries back copyright reform

EU agrees draft copyright reform, riling tech giants

It's not just the tech giants who are riled by this development!

William Barnes: The Zong o' Zongs in the Dorset Dialect; The Song of Solomon in 24 British Dialects

The Song of Solomon in the Dorset Dialect.
From the Authorised English Version

Online digital version of the book; first the Barnes version, pp. 113-132 of 486:



The full book:

Barnes' Version (n.b. not all the punctuation marks, diphthongs and spellings have transferred successfully).

Chap. I.

The Zong o' Zongs, that is Solomon's.
2 Let en kiss me wi' the kisses ov his mouth : vor your love is better than wine.
3 Vor the smell o' your sweet-smellen scents, shed scent is your neame, an' therevore the maidens do love you.
4 O draw me on wi' thee, we'll run: the king brought me into his cheammer : in you we'll be blissom an' glad, we'll meake mwore o' your love than o' wine, the true-hearted shall love you.
5 I be zwa'thy, Jerusalem maidens, but comely, as the black tents of Kedar, as Solomon's hangens.
6 Don't watch me, because I be zwa'thy, an' the zun have a-burnt me so dark : the sons o' my mother wer all a-burnt wi' me ; they meade me a keeper o' vineyards ; my own vineyard I never kept.
7 Tell where, O belov'd o' my soul, you do veed, an' do meake your vlock rest at the noon : that I midden be a-hemm'd in by the vlocks o' your fellors.
8 If you do know not o' yourzelf, O fe'airest o' women, goo out by the tracks o' the vlock, a-veeden your kids by the tents o' the shepherds.
9 To a ho'se in a chariot o' Pharaoh I've a-liken'd you, O my belov'd.
10 Your cheaks be comely wi' beads, an' your neck wi' your chams.
11 We'll meake vor ye chains all o' goold, wi' studs all o' zilver.
12 While the king is a-zot on his couch, my spik- nard do gi'e out its smell.
13 A bundle o' myrrh is my sweetheart to me; he shall lie all the night in my breast. 14 My sweetheart to me is a cluster o' camphire in the vineyards ov En-ge-di.
15 Behold, you be fe'air, my belov'd ; you be fe'air ; your eyes be lik' culvers.
16 Behold, you be feair, my belov'd, ah ! sweet: an' leafy's our bed. 17 The beams ov our house be o' cedar, our refters o' vir.

Chap. II.

I be the rwose o' Sharon, an' the lily o' the valleys.
2 Lik' a lily wi' thorns, is my love among maidens.
3 Lik' an apple-tree in wi' the trees o' the wood, is my love among sons. I long'd vor his sheade, an' zot down, an' his fruit wer vull sweet to my teaste.
4 He brought me into the feast, an' his flag up above me wer love.
5 Refresh me wi' ceakes, uphold me wi' apples : vor I be a-pinen vor love.
6 His left hand wer under my head, an' his right a-cast round me.
7 I do warn ye, Jerusalem's da'ters, by the roes an' the hinds o' the vield, not to stir, not to we'ake up my love, till he'd like.
8 The vai'ce o' my true-love I behold, he's a-comen ; a-leapen up on the mountains, a-skippen awver the hills.
9 My true-love is lik' a young roe or a hart : he's a-standen behind our wall, a-looken vwo'th vrom the windors, a-showen out droo the lattice.
10 My true-love he spoke, an' he call'd me, O rise up, my love, my feair maid, come away.
11 Vor, lo, the winter is awver, the rain's a-gone by.
12 The flowers do show on the ground; the zong o' the birds is a-come, an' the coo o' the culver 's a-he'ard in our land.
13 The fig-tree do show his green figs, an' the vines out in blooth do smell sweet. O rise up, my true-love, feair-maid, come away.
14 O my love 's in the clefts o' the rocks, in the lewth o' the cliffs. Let me look on your feace, let me hear 'tis your vaice ; vor sweet is your vaice, an' comely your feace. 15 O catch us the foxes, the young oones, a-spweilen the vines ; vor the vines ha' neesh grapes.
16 O my love is all mine, an' I be all his: he's a-veeden among the lilies.
17 Till the day is a-broke, an' the sheades be a- vled, turn back, O my love, an' be lik' a roe or young hart on the mountains o' Bether.

Chap. III.

By night on my bed I sought him I do love to my soul: I sought en, but noowhere could vind en; I called en, but he never heard me
2 I'll rise then, an' goo round the town, in the streets, in the squares, a-seeken the oone I do love to my soul : I sought en, but noowhere could vind en.
3 The watchmen a-keepen the town then voun' me : an' I cried, Did ye zee the belov'd o' my soul ?
4 I'd only a-left em a^-while, when I vound the belov'd o' my soul : I held en, nor let en goo on, till I brought en back into the house o' my mother, the che'ammer ov her that ha' bore me.
5 I do warn ye, Jerusalem's da'ters, by the roes, by the hinds o' the vields, not to stir, not to weake up my love, till he'd like.
6 Who's a-comen on out o' the wilderness, up lik' a pillar o' smoke, a-smellen o' myrrh an' o' frankincense, all the sweet scents o' the marchant ?
7 Look at the bed that is Solomon's; round en be dreescore o' warriors, the mighty ov Israel.
8 They've all ov em swords, an' be all skill'd in war : each man wi' his sword on his thigh, vor fear in the night.
9 King Solomon me'ade en a litter o' wood out o' Libanon.
10 He all his pillars o' zilver, the bottom o' goold, the coveren o' purple, the middle a-peaved wi' the love o' the da'ters o' Zion.
11 Goo vwo'th, O you da'ters o' Zion, an' look on King Solomon, a-wearen the crown that his mother zet on en the day ov his wedden, the day ov his gladness ov heart.

Chap. IV.

You be feair, O my love ; you be fe'air ; you ha' doves' eyes in under your locks : your heair's lik' a vlock o' the gwo'ats, that do sheen vrom the mountain o' Gilead.
2 Your teeth be so white as a vlock o' shorn sheep, a-come up vrom the washen : all o'm wi' twins, an' not oone ov em barren.
3 Your lips be so red as a bright scarlet string, an' comely's your speech ; your cheaks vrom in under- your locks, do look lik' the rind o' pomegranate.
4 Your neck's lik' a tower o' David a-built vor his weapons ; where-on be a-hangen a thousand o' bucklers, all shields o' the mighty.
5 Your two breastes be lik' a twin o' young roes, a-veeden among the lilies.
6 Till the day is a-broke, an' the sheades be a-vled ; I'll goo to the mountain o' myrrh, to the hill o' the frankincense.
7 You be all feair, my true-love ; spotless be you. 8 Come hither, my bride, vrom Libanon, come down vrom Libanon, come ; an' look vrom the top ov Amana, vrom the top o' Shenir an' Hermon ; vrom the dens o' the lions, the hills o' the leopards.
9 You've a-smitten my heart, O my sister, my bride ; you've a-smitten my heart wi' oone o' your eyes, wi' oone chain o' your neck.
10 How feair is your love, my sister, my bride ! how much better your love is than wine ! an' the smell o' your breath than all spices !
11 Your lips be as droppens ov honey, my bride : honey an' milk be under your tongue ; an' the smell o' your clo's is lik' the smell o' Libanon.
12 A gearden a-lock'd is my sister, my bride; a gearden a-lock'd, an' a spring a-seal'd up.
13 Your earbs be a gearden o' pomegranates, wi' sweet fruits, camphire, an' spiknard. 14 Spiknard wi' saffron, sweet ceane, an' cinnamon, myrrh an' aloes, wi' all the best spices.
15 A springhead in ge'ardens, a well o' spring water, a-flowen vrom Libanon.
16 Awe'ake up, O north wind ; an' come on, O south ; and blow on my gearden, that the smell mid flow out. Let my true-love come into his gearden, an' eat his chai'ce fruit.

Chap. V.

I’m a-come to my gearden, my sister, my bride : I've a-gather'd my myrrh wi' my spice ; I've eaten my bread wi' my honey; I've a-drunk o' my wine wi' my milk ; eat, O my friends ; drink deep, my belov'd.
2 I do sleep, but my heart is aweake: 'tis the vai'ce o' my true-love a-knocken. Open to me, O my sister, my true-love, my culver, my spotless : vor my head is a-vill'd wi' the dew ; an' my locks wi' the drops o' the night.
3 I've a-took off my frock; how can I don en agean? I've a-wash'd my two veet ; how can I sweil em ?
4 Then my love took his hand off the hole o' the door, an' my heart did yearn vor en.
5 I rose up to open the door to my love, an' my han's dripp'd wi' myrrh; an' my vingers wi' sweet-smellen myrrh, on the knobs o' the bolt.
6 I open'd the door to my love, but my love wer a-gone : my very soul zunk when he spoke. I sought en, but noowhere could vind en ; I called en, he gi'ed me noo answer. 7 The watchmen that went roun' the town lighted on me : they het me, an' bruised me ; the guards o' the wall did strip off my mantle.
8 I do pray o' ye da'ters o' Zion, that if yo do meet wi' my true-love, you'll tell 'n I'm a-pinen wi' love.
9 O what can be your true-love mwore than another, you feairest o' women? What can be your true-love mwore than another, that you do so earnestly warn us ?
10 My true-love is feair, an' he's ruddy ; the fore most among ten thousand.
11 His head is the finest o' goold; his locks be a-curl'd, an' so black as the reaven.
12 His eyes be as doves by the rivers o' waters: a-wash'd all in milk, an' fitly azet.
13 His cheaks lik' beds o' spices, lik' mounds o' flowers ; his lips be lik' lilies a-drippen o' sweet-smellen myrrh.
14 His hands be goold rongs a-zet off wi' beryl : his belly's bright ivory a-laid awver wi' sapphires.
15 His lags be as pillars o' marble, a-zet upon bot toms o' goold ; his fe'ace is lik' Lebanon, chaice as the cedars.
16 His mouth is most sweet ; oh ! most lovely. This is my true-love ; this is my friend, O da'ters o' Jerusalem.

Chap. VI.

Where is thy true-love agone, O feairest o' women ? Where is thy true-love a-turn'd, that we too mid look vor en wi' thee?
2 My love's a-gone down to his ge'arden, to the beds o' the spices ; to veed in the ge'ardens, an' gather the lilies.
3 I be my true-love's, my true-love is mine ; he's a-veeden among the lilies.
4 You be handsome, my true-love, as Tirza, comely 's Jerusalem, dreadful's an army wi' flags.
5 Turn off your eyes vrom me, they've awvercome me: your  heȁir’s lik' a vlock o' the gwoats a-showen vrom Gilead.
6 Your teeth lik' a vlock o' white sheep, a-come up vrom the washen ; each wi' a twin, an' not oone o' em barren.
7 As the rind o' pomegranate, do show your cheaks in under your locks,
8 There be dreescore o' queens, an' o' concubines vour, an' maidens beyond all oone's reck'nen.
9 But oone is my culver, my pure oone ; her mother's oone child, the darlen ov her that ha' bore her. The maidens did zee her an' bless her ; the queens an' the concubines prais'd her.
10 Who is this that's a-looken vwo'th bright as the daybreak, feair as the moon, clear as the zun, dreadvul's an army wi' flags ?
11 I went down to the ge'arden o' nuts, to zee the green earbs o' the valley : to zee if the vine wer in blooth, the pomegranate in bud.
12 Avore I wer ever aweare, my soul had a-me'ade me lik' the chariots ov Aminadab :
13 Return, come back, O Shulamite ; come back, come back, that we mid behold thee. What can ye zee in the Shulamite? A band o' two armies.

Chap. VII.

How comely your vootsteps wi' shoes, prince's da'ter ! the jeints oJ your thighs be lik' jewels, the work o' the han's o' the skillfullest workman.
2 Your neavel is lik' a roun' bowl not empty o' liquor ; your belly a-roun' heap o' wheat a-bounded wi' lilies.
3 Your breastes two roes in a twin.
4 Your neck is an ivory tower, your eyes lik' the vishpools o' Heshbon, by the geate o' Bath-rabbim : your nose lik' the tower o' Libanon, a-looken towards Damascus.
5 Your head is lik' Carmel, an' the heair o' your head is lik' purple ; a king is a-held in its curls.
6 How feair an' how winnen be you, O my true- love, vor jays !
7 Your tallness is straight as a palm-tree; your breastes lik' bunches o' greapes.
8 An' I zaid, I'll goo up to the palm-tree, an' pull down his uppermost boughs : an' your breastes shall be lik' a bunch o' the vine, an' the smell o' your nose be lik' apples.
9 An' the roof o' your mouth lik' the chaicest o' wine vor my love, a-meaken the lips o' vo'k sound asleep vor to speak.
10 I be my love's, an' his leanen's towards me.
11 Come, my belov'd, let's goo out to the vields ; let's bide in the villages.
12 Let's goo up betimes to the vineyards; let's zee if the vine is in blooth, an' if the neesh gre'ape is a-showen, an' if the pomegranate do bud ; an' there I will gi'e you my loves.
13 The mandrake do gi'e out a smell ; at our ge'ates be all kinds o' good things, new an' wold, that I've a-stor'd up all vor you, my belov'd.

Chap. VIII.

O that you wer as my brother, a-zucken my own mother's breast ! When I vound ye without I mid kiss ye, nor then be a-thought o' so lightly.
2 I would lead ye, an' bring ye hwome into my own mother's house, that would teach me ; I would give ye to drink o' spiced wine, o' the juice my pomegranate do yield.
3 His left han' is under my head, an' his right a-cast roun' me.
4 I do warn ye, O da'ters o' Jerusalem, not to stir, not to weake up my love till he'd like.
5 Who's a-comen on up vrom the wilderness, a-le'anen upon her belov'd? I awoke ye under the apple-tree; 'twer ther that your mother oonce bore ye : there she that bore ye brought vwo'th.
6 O zet me's a seal on your heart, as a seal on your earms : vor love is as mighty as death, an' jealousy hard as the greave ; the fle'ame o' t's a fleamen o' vire, the vire o' the Lord.
7 Many waters can never quench love, nor floods ever drown it. If a man would gi'e all o' the wealth ov' his house vor love, it would all goo vor nothen.
8 We've a sister, but small, wi' noo tetties : what shall we do vor our sister, the day we do vind her bespoke ?
9 If she's a wall, we'll build on her buildens o' zilver; if she's a door, we'll deck her wi' panels o' cedar.
10 I be a wall, an' my breastes lik' towers; an' then I did seem in his eyes as oone that vound kindnes.
11 Solomon had a vineyard in Baal-hamon ; he let out the vineyard to keepers ; every man vor the fruit o't to bring in a thousand pieces o' zilver.
12 My vineyard that's mine is avore me : O Solomon, you'll teake a thousand, an' the keepers of the fruit teake two hundred.
13 You that do dwell in the geardens, your friends do gi'e heed to your vai'ce ; let me hear it.
14 Meake heaste, my belov'd, and be lik' a roe or young hart on the mountains o' spices.

I wonder if William Barnes ever thought about his beloved wife Julia (died 1852) when he read The Song of Solomon out loud. or silently, to himself. I am sure he did...

At the Door
Winslow Homer illustration of a poem by Barnes

Note (Wikipedia): "Jewish tradition reads it as an allegory of the relationship between God and Israel, Christianity as an allegory of Christ and his “bride”, the Church".

In the book, Barnes' version follows that in the East Devonshire dialect by George P. R. Pulman

Related (art works):

Song of Songs (Egon Tschirch, an expressionist picture cycle)

Song of Songs II, Marc Chagall

Update 7th March, 2018:

I have just returned from the Dorset History Centre, where I inspected items about William Barnes' translations of The Song of Songs, including his hand-written note-book.

Of particular interest is a full-length type-script study by C.S. Rodd:

The Song of Songs
William Barnes
Translations into Dorset and National English
ed. C.S. Rodd

The document reference is D/DCM WB/28

I am amazed that this important study does not appear to have been published, as it most certainly ought to have been.

Civilization Collapse? Luke Kemp. Existential Risks.

From BBC Future: Are we on the road to civilization collapse? Luke Kemp

Luke Kemp is a researcher based at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge - which is 'dedicated to the study and mitigation of existential risks;  and aims to reduce the risk of human extinction or civilizational collapse'.

The Centre works 'to understand extreme risks associated with emerging technologies and human activity; and to develop a methodological toolkit to help in identifying and evaluating future extreme risks'.

I sometimes worry about my own existential risks. The Centre (sensibly) has a wider and longer-term focus.

Fascinating. Futurology with a twist.

Greece and Brussels: Creditors' Reactions to the Law Protecting People's Primary Residences; Η πρόταση της κυβέρνησης για την α΄κατοικία

Η πρόταση της κυβέρνησης για την α΄κατοικία δεν είναι ικανοποιητική, λένε οι Βρυξέλλες, Kathimerini

"Although the lending institutions have not yet reached any final conclusions, they do not seem to be particularly pleased with the Greek government's proposal, as it seems to be extremely positive for borrowers, leaving the banks unprotected. Firstly, there are strong objections to the fact that the law extends to professional loans ... Institutions stress that such regulation will cause losses to banks that will see their red loans grow. Secondly, the fact that the new law has particularly broad criteria; in particular the criterion concerning the value of the first residence that could be subject to protection up to a figure of 250,000 euros, a fairly high amount."


Current Account 2018: A Forebearer Of Bad News? Observing Greece, Klaus Kastner

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Remembering Etta James (1938-2012)

I've got dreams to remember (YouTube)

Wonderful soul song, superb arrangement.

I still can't remember when I saw Etta James in London. 1993, I think.

From the same album:

Out of the Rain

WWF directors urge Greek PM to phase out oil and gas operations in Western Greece (eKathimerini); World Wildlife Fund

From eKathimerini

"The Greek director of the WWF conservation group was on Tuesday joined by his counterparts from France, Spain and Italy as they expressed their “grave concern” over the potential development of new onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling projects in Western Greece... directors warned of the “catastrophic impacts” that an oil spill accident would have on Greece’s tourism economy, the local communities that depend on it, as well as the national economy. A recent report commissioned by the Greek chapter of WWF found that the overall impact of a single major spill could reach 2.2 billion euros – mainly due to the impact on inbound tourism expenditure".

From Facebook

Brexit: Greece-UK, Citizens' Rights (Greek and English Texts)

Διαβάστε Επιστολή ΥΠΕΞ Γ. Κατρούγκαλου @gkatr προς τον Βρετανό ομόλογό του J. Hunt σχετικά με την προστασία των δικαιωμάτων των πολιτών μετά την αποχώρηση του Ην. Βασιλείου από την

@GreeceinUK …

Επιστολή Υπουργού Εξωτερικών, Γ. Κατρούγκαλου, προς τον Βρετανό ομόλογό του, J. Hunt, σχετικά με την προστασία των δικαιωμάτων των πολιτών μετά την αποχώρηση του Ην. Βασιλείου από την ΕΕ (15.02.2019)

Re: Letter from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, G. Kathrougalou, to his British counterpart, J. Hunt, on the protection of citizens' rights following (from Corfu Forum)

Very helpful postings.

προς τον Βρετανό ομόλογό του, J. Hunt, σχετικά με την προστασία των δικαιωμάτων των πολιτών μετά την αποχώρηση του Ην. Βασιλείου από την ΕΕ (15.02.2019)

Επιστολή Υπουργού Εξωτερικών, Γ. Κατρούγκαλου, προς τον Βρετανό ομόλογό του, J. Hunt, σχετικά με την προστασία των δικαιωμάτων των πολιτών μετά την αποχώρηση του Ην. Βασιλείου από την ΕΕ (15.02.2019)

Τρίτη, 19 Φεβρουαρίου 2019

«Αθήνα, 15/2/2019

Αγαπητέ συνάδελφε,

Σας ευχαριστώ για την από 23 Ιανουαρίου 2019 επιστολή σας σχετικά με την προστασία των Δικαιωμάτων των Πολιτών μετά την αποχώρηση του ΗΒ από την ΕΕ.
Το ΗΒ υπήρξε βασικός και πολύτιμος εταίρος της Ελλάδας εντός της οικογένειας της ΕΕ και η απουσία του θα είναι πραγματικά αισθητή. Ωστόσο, σεβόμαστε την απόφαση του βρετανικού λαού και είμαστε έτοιμοι να συνεχίσουμε να αναπτύσσουμε τη στρατηγική μας εταιρική σχέση σε όλους τους τομείς αμοιβαίου ενδιαφέροντος. Σε αυτό το πλαίσιο, χαιρετίζουμε τη θέση της κυβέρνησης του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου σύμφωνα με την οποία το ΗΒ αποχωρεί από την ΕΕ αλλά όχι από την Ευρώπη.

Πιστεύουμε ότι η Συμφωνία Αποχώρησης είναι ο μόνος τρόπος για να διασφαλιστεί μια συντεταγμένη και χωρίς απρόοπτα αποχώρηση, καθώς και η νομική ασφάλεια τόσο για τις δημόσιες αρχές όσο και για τους πολίτες και τις επιχειρήσεις. Η Συμφωνία Αποχώρησης μπορεί επίσης να διασφαλίσει πλήρως την προστασία των Δικαιωμάτων των Πολιτών μας η οποία παραμένει κορυφαία προτεραιότητα και των δύο χωρών μας.

Για τον λόγο αυτό, υποστηρίξαμε σθεναρά, κατά τη διάρκεια των διαπραγματεύσεων για τη Συμφωνία Αποχώρησης, την υιοθέτηση μιας πιο γενναιόδωρης προσέγγισης αναφορικά με τη διασφάλιση των δικαιωμάτων των πολιτών της ΕΕ και του ΗΒ καθώς και των μελών των οικογενειών τους. Στο ΗΒ διαβιοί σημαντική ελληνική κοινότητα όπως και στην Ελλάδα πολυάριθμη βρετανική κοινότητα και ευχόμαστε ότι και οι δύο θα συνεχίσουν να απολαμβάνουν πλήρως τις παροχές και τα προνόμια που είχαν πριν την αποχώρηση. Για αυτό το λόγο υποστηρίζουμε σθεναρά την ανάγκη κύρωσης της Συμφωνίας Αποχώρησης πριν την 29η Μαρτίου 2019.

Η κύρωση ωστόσο παραμένει αβέβαιη και είμαστε αναγκασμένοι να προετοιμαστούμε για το ενδεχόμενο ενός σεναρίου αποχώρησης χωρίς συμφωνία, σε στενή συνεργασία με την ΕΕ και άλλα Κράτη Μέλη. Σε αυτή την περίπτωση επίσης, πρωταρχική προτεραιότητα είναι τα Δικαιώματα των Πολιτών και ο στόχος μας είναι να διασφαλίσουμε ότι τόσο οι Έλληνες όσο και οι Βρετανοί πολίτες οι οποίοι επιλέγουν να ζουν, να σπουδάζουν και να εργάζονται στο ΗΒ και την Ελλάδα αντιστοίχως, θα συνεχίσουν να το κάνουν ανεμπόδιστα και θα απολαμβάνουν πλήρως ανάλογα, εάν όχι τα ίδια, δικαιώματα που απολάμβαναν πριν την αποχώρηση.

Χαιρετίζουμε τις ανακοινώσεις της κυβέρνησης του ΗΒ σχετικά με τη χρήση του Σχεδίου της ΕΕ για τους Ευρωπαίους Υπηκόους (απόκτηση καθεστώτος εγκατεστημένου πολίτη) σε περίπτωση μη συμφωνίας καθώς και για τη σαφήνεια και τη νομική ασφάλεια που παρέχεται για όλες τις κατηγορίες των πολιτών της ΕΕ.

Αξιότιμε κύριε Υπουργέ Εξωτερικών και Κοινοπολιτείας του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου, Jeremy Hunt,

Επιτρέψτε μου να σας διαβεβαιώσω αναφορικά με αυτό ότι οι Βρετανοί πολίτες που ζουν ήδη στην Ελλάδα, είναι καλοδεχούμενοι και χαίρουν της εκτίμησής μας, ενώ αποτελούν σημαντική γέφυρα φιλίας μεταξύ των δύο χωρών μας. Τα δικαιώματά τους θα αναγνωριστούν και θα διασφαλιστούν πλήρως, σύμφωνα με την αμοιβαιότητα που παρέχει το ΗΒ στους πολίτες της ΕΕ. Οι κρατικές μας υπηρεσίες εργάζονται αμελλητί για την κατάρτιση νομοσχεδίων ταχείας εφαρμογής (fast-track) τα οποία θα ψηφιστούν εγκαίρως πριν την 29η Μαρτίου 2019 και θα δίνουν τη δυνατότητα στους Βρετανούς πολίτες και τα μέλη των οικογενειών τους που ζουν ήδη στην Ελλάδα πριν την ημερομηνία αποχώρησης (29 Μαρτίου 2019), να παραμείνουν στη χώρα και να συνεχίσουν να ζουν, να σπουδάζουν και να εργάζονται καθώς και να απολαμβάνουν τις παροχές κοινωνικής ασφάλισης και ιατροφαρμακευτικής περίθαλψης. Όσο αναφορά το τελευταίο, σκοπός της υπό συζήτηση σε επίπεδο ΕΕ πρότασης κανονισμού είναι η κατάρτιση σχεδίου έκτακτης ανάγκης για την περίπτωση της μη επίτευξης συμφωνίας, ειδικότερα για τον συντονισμό των συστημάτων κοινωνικής ασφάλισης μετά την αποχώρηση του ΗΒ.
Στόχος των εθνικών μας νομοσχεδίων είναι επίσης να υπάρξουν πρόνοιες για τις κατηγορίες πολιτών που θα καταφθάσουν στην Ελλάδα μετά την ημερομηνία αποχώρησης (29.3.2019). Έχω ήδη διαβουλευτεί με τους συναδέλφους μου, τους καθ’ύλην αρμόδιους υπουργούς, και σκοπεύω να προβώ σύντομα σε δημόσια ανακοίνωση. Το Υπουργείο Εξωτερικών, σε στενό συντονισμό με όλους τους υπόλοιπους κρατικούς οργανισμούς και υπηρεσίες, παραμένει στη διάθεση της βρετανικής Πρεσβείας στην Αθήνα και των κρατικών σας υπηρεσιών.

Προσβλέπω στη συνέχιση και την ενίσχυση της εξαιρετικής μας συνεργασίας στους διάφορους τομείς που συνδέουν τις δύο μας χώρες και ελπίζω να συναντηθούμε στο άμεσο μέλλον.

Με εκτίμηση,

Γιώργος Κατρούγκαλος»

Greece assures “rights of UK nationals fully guaranteed” even without Brexit deal, KTG

Visa-free for Britons to enter Greece, in case of No-Deal Brexit, KTG

See also EU Citizens' Rights and Brexit, document from July 2017 (Pdf)

Amendment to May's Brexit deal could protect UK and EU citizens' rights, EuroNews

Brexit: "EU would not oppose extending Brexit talks", Jean-Claude Juncker

From EU Observer

Poole Bay oil drilling, one-month extension

From BBC News

"Protesters have argued that the coast and marine life could be damaged. However, Corallian said the well would be plugged and the platform removed once work was complete, and the operation would not result in any significant effects to the marine ecosystem".

Poole Bay oil rig misses intended target


Hundreds gather as controversial oil rig is towed away, Dorset Echo

Durrell Library of Corfu, News; Islands of the Mind

News of an international online journal and a symposium/festival on Corfu in June 2019

Corfu, Greece
24-28 June 2019

The festival symposium will examine aspects of Island Studies, focusing on:

-indigenous island writing compared with writing by the “visitor”

-the literature and psychology of “islomania” – the “affliction of spirit” for those “who find islands irresistible”

-the study of islands as a microcosm of biodiversity

-the “tourist gaze” and tourism as a dimension of island development

Four photos above, Copyright JP

I would have been particularly interested in the sessions on Theotokis and Plaskovitis

A passage on Corfu and Athens, by Spyros Plaskovitis:

Plaskovitis on Tourism:

Two photos, JP

Local writers, like Plaskovitis, had a different 'gaze'

An Irishman’s Diary: Getting a taste for Robinsonade, a 300-year-old literary genre
Thu, Feb 21, The Irish Times

Albert Einstein and David Hume

Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity was inspired by Scottish philosopher, Sarah Knapton The Telegraph, via MSN

"In Einstein’s letter, written to Moritz Schlick, Professor of Physics at Vienna, in December 1915 he admits that it was Hume’s work which inspired general relativity. “You have correctly seen that this line of thought was of great influence on my efforts and indeed Ernst Mach and still much more Hume, whose treatise on understanding I studied with eagerness and admiration shortly before finding relativity theory.” He goes on to write that “It is very possible that without these philosophical studies I can not say that the solution would have come.”

A Treatise of Human Nature by David Hume (1739) - complete pdf file



Time for a new, revised edition of Arthur Herman's How the Scots invented the Modern World (2001)?

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Evictions in Athens? Golden Visa incentive to AirBnB investors

From Yannis-Orestis Papadimitriou, The Telegraph

The Sunday Telegraph has apparently learned that, "a Greek government scheme that grants visas to non-EU citizens in exchange for €250,000 (£219,000) property investments is leading to mass evictions, with renters removed from their homes to make way for AirBnB properties... In an echo of the AirBnB ‘epidemic’ in cities such as Barcelona, homes are increasingly being bought and converted into AirBnB properties, primarily by Chinese investors, under the Golden Visa scheme being actively promoted by the Greek government".

Residents of Athens suburb claim that Airbnb is "pricing them out", Euronews

Gov’t planning restrictions on owners of short-term rentals, eKathimerini

Corfu: A Nightmarish Summer to Come, Dionisis Mamalos; «Εφιαλτικό το καλοκαίρι που έρχεται…». Waste Management Problems

From Corfu TV News  (ΔΙΟΝΥΣΗΣ ΜΑΜΑΛΟΣ | 17 ΦΕΒ, 2019)

«Εφιαλτικό το καλοκαίρι που έρχεται…», γράφει ο Διονύσης Μάμαλος...«Και μην βιαστεί κάποιος να απαντήσει για μεταφορά σκουπιδιών εκτός νησιού. Αυτό ξεχάστε το. Έτσι έχουν τα πράγματα και νομίζω ότι μας περιμένει ένα άκρως «καυτό» καλοκαίρι»

Heart-breaking, nightmarish...efialtikó...the coming summer on Corfu, with continuing or worsening waste management and garbage problems?

Such a terrible shame, if this turns out to be the case for yet another year.

What the Mayor will say about the waste, Enimerosi

European 4.7m Euro ΄bill΄ for Lefkimmi landfill has arrived

The Cove House Inn, Chiswell, Portland, Dorset

A great place for a drink, a meal or a stroll!

Part of the old stone wall inside

A short stroll in the direction of Quiddles and on the coastal path:

Elsewhere on Portland: