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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Stories with a Twist; Advice from a Young Writer

My fourteen-year-old granddaughter (who currently lives in China) has just had her first short story published in InkBeat, the Beijing  youth literary journal. It was accompanied by an impressive author interview.

I’m delighted.

I wish I’d learnt this lesson long ago (I’m sixty years older than this granddaughter), taken from her author interview:

“I think there should be something other than a happy ending at the end of a story, even if it’s just to make it more interesting. For this reason, I think I do tend to write with twist endings, or something odd about the story, to keep the reader engaged.”

From her story, “The Judgement”:

“I’ve always thought Dorchester was a perfect place for a murder. Just like in an Agatha Christie novel, no small town is as perfect as it seems. At least I’ve given them something real to gossip about”.

I'm looking forward to sending her my collection of short stories when it's published later this year.

I shall be very interested in her critical comments and overall judgement!

I'm even more interested to read her next stories.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Corfu, Greece: The destruction of the real Corfu, Richard Pine

From eKathimerini, The destruction of the real Corfu (Opinion Piece by Richard Pine)

Recent media coverage, candidates for election as Mayor, take note:

Update (Corfu- related):"British couple are stuck in 'war zone' Corfu resort with no water" (MailOnline)


From Devon Live

From Metro: Corfu? I might as well be back in ’90s Bosnia, says veteran

The Road to Sidari (video, StartMediaCorfu)

Why is rubbish piling up on the roads again? Enimerosi

Post on Ta Parapona Sou Sto Dimarcho!, by Dionisia Filipa 


European Parliament Question, December 2018

"The island of Corfu faces a very serious problem with regard to the management and dumping of waste and there is still a fear that this reality which is painful, embarrassing and dangerous for the health of citizens and visitors, due to huge volumes of trash being scattered all over the island, will continue".

EU Commission warns Greece over waste management on Corfu, KTG. March 2019

"The European Commission has sent a stern warning to Greece claiming it is violating European Union environmental laws with regard to waste management on the Ionian island of Corfu.
“The Commission is calling on Greece to ensure that EU waste legislation is implemented on the ground in Corfu Island,” the EC said, adding that it started receiving complaints in July 2018 that waste is no longer being collected or treated on the island, and that it is being left on the streets or sent to undisclosed locations".

Les Murray, Farewell

Les Murray, poet and 'gentle titan of Australian letters', dies aged 80, The Guardian

In The Australian, the headline is: Farewell the bard of Bunyah.

Some poems from Poetry Foundation

Fewer Brits choosing EU countries for holidays?

From BBC News

From Euronews- Many Brits shun holidays in EU amid Brexit uncertainty: travel firm

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Sculpture Parks on the Mall, Washington DC


Big Band Jazz Jam on the National Mall; Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

Memories and Echoes of Duke Ellington

It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) - Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra (1932)

Echoes of Ellington, Washington DC

I can almost hear the clink and tinkle
Of Duke’s jazz piano
Taking shape on Ninth and R
At Louis Thomas’ cabaret.
I reconstruct the place and spot,
The siren songs, the playful rags,
Sonny’s drums, the banjorine.

I can hear Duke and his sidemen swing
Invited to the White House now,
Performing for the President.
Not far on foot from that cabaret-site,
A long, long way from where he used to play
What You Gonna Do When the Bed Breaks Down”.
A suitable song for the White House.

All hail Mrs Clinkscales!
Well done T Street 1212!
Duke’s childhood home, but
Where’s the plaque?
Well done 9th and R!
20th and R! (and those between);
Sherman Avenue 2728!

 I saw him in Bournemouth,
Where I went backstage.
("How do you find the English weather?"
-“Ah feel no pain”).
Again in Addis Ababa
Playing for Haile Selassie.
The Duke and the Emperor:

Two conquering lions
About to be tamed.
All hail His Imperial Majesty!
A Command Performance for Ras Tafari:
- We thank you, Duke.
I can almost hear their siren swan-song;

What Is Past Is Prologue: Study The Past; What's Past Is Prologue (The Tempest)

Greek Easter Tradition on a North Atlantic Island: Painted Eggs