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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Brexit: The Draft Deal: PM has Cabinet backing

Theresa May statement, BBC News

Guy Verhofstadt -

Leo Varadkar -

Leo Varadkar -

"Avoiding a hard border has proven to be one of the most difficult challenges. What has become know as “the backstop” is now fully spelt out in the Withdrawal Agreement. The backstop would apply “unless and until” a better solution is agreed".

Nigel Farage At His Angriest As Cabinet Backs Draft Brexit Agreement, LBC

Poole Hospital, Dorset

Poole's support over hospital shake-up plan referral stalls, BBC News

"Campaigners have argued the health services review will put lives at risk. Following the decision, Chris Brady from campaign group Defend Dorset NHS said: 'There will be significant issues in travel times - people will die' ".

Efterpi Mitsi: Greece in Early English Travel Writing, 1596–1682

A fascinating book

"This book examines the letters, diaries, and published accounts of English and Scottish travelers to Greece in the seventeenth century, a time of growing interest in ancient texts and the Ottoman Empire. Through these early encounters, this book analyzes the travelers’ construction of Greece in the early modern Mediterranean world and shows how travel became a means of collecting and disseminating knowledge about ancient sites. Focusing on the mobility and exchange of people, artifacts, texts, and opinions between the two countries, it argues that the presence of Britons in Greece and of Greeks in England aroused interest not only in Hellenic antiquity, but also in Greece’s contemporary geopolitical role. Exploring myth, perception, and trope with clarity and precision, this book offers new insight into the connections between Greece, the Ottoman Empire, and the West".

Table of contents (6 chapters)


Pages 1-15

Angell in Oxford: The Travails of a Greek Monk in Seventeenth-Century England

Pages 17-41

The “Fruit of Travell”: Fynes Moryson and Thomas Dallam in the Greek Islands

Pages 43-86

“A Revelation of Time”: Translating Greece in George Sandys’ Relation of a Journey

Pages 87-118

“Fensed with Experience and Garnished with Truth”: Experience and Invention in William Lithgow’s Greek Journey

Weymouth Waves

From far away (small, bigger, biggest):

Thomas Dallam, Early voyages and travels in the Levant, 1599-1600; Zante

On Zante (book pages 18-25, web pages 84-91):

page 19:

Corfu Literary Festival, September 2019

Corfu - a magnet for writers.


23rd to 30th September 2019.