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Friday, 20 October 2017

Theresa May and Greek expats in the UK

Theresa May calls on Greek expats to stay in the UK - In an interview with Greek daily Ta Nea published on Friday, the British premier thanked the 70,000 Greeks who have moved to the UK, saying “we appreciate their significant contribution in our culture and society, in our universities and economy.”

Greece: The Battle of Navarino, 20 October, 1827, Admiral Codrington

Greek Observer, Philip Chrysopoulos: Why Greeks Do Not Celebrate the Battle of Navarino

"The Battle of Navarino on October 20, 1827, was a great victory against Greece’s Ottoman rulers, yet it is an event that is not celebrated by Greeks, simply because it was a victory of international diplomacy and foreign intervention, and not of the brave Hellenic spirit".

"In 1827 he was present on board the Mosquito at the Battle of Navarino and on his return he drew on stone, and published in 1828, 'Illustrations of the Battle of Navarin" (Wikipedia).

Stanzas on the Battle of Navarino, Thomas Campbell

Hearts of oak that have bravely delivered the brave,

And uplifted old Greece from the brink of the grave,

'Twas the helpless to help and the hopeless to save

That your thunderbolts swept o'er the brine;

And as long as yon sun shall look down on the wave

The light of your glory shall shine...

For whose was the genius that planned at its call

Where the whirlwind of battle should roll?

All were brave! but the star of success over all

Was the light of our Codrington's soul.

Battle of Navarino (Wikipedia)

Sir Edward Codrington (Wikipedia)


Thursday, 19 October 2017

Swedish trade interests, forthcoming Brexit negotiations - Om svenska handelsintressen för kommande Brexit-förhandlingar

The Swedish Government instructs the National Bureau to develop an in-depth knowledge base on Swedish trade interests for forthcoming Brexit negotiations:

"In order to be ready for forthcoming negotiations, the government is currently calling on the Kommerskollegium to draw up a basis for Swedish trade interests in the EU's negotiations with the UK about a new trade relationship after Brexit, "says EU and Trade Minister Ann Linde

The Federal Bureau shall, on the basis of available statistics, identify which sectors of trade in goods and services between Sweden and Great Britain, which are particularly important for the Swedish economy, and for Swedish employment. The college will then, on the basis of Swedish interests, identify a number of sectors for in-depth analysis. The in-depth analysis will consider how a future trade agreement can affect trade in key sectors and whether there are existing technical solutions in other EU agreements or other solutions that may be desirable for each sector".


Ireland PM: Further Brexit concessions needed from UK, EU Observer

Greece, Changes in Property Taxation, ENFIA? Real Estate, Progressive Wealth Tax Plans

From Kathimerini: Στα σκαριά φόρος μεγάλης ακίνητης περιουσίας/ Σχέδιο επαναφοράς του φόρου μεγάλης ακίνητης περιουσίας  - "The reintroduction of real estate tax and the abolition of ENFΙΑ is being considered by the government for next year, provided that the committees are able to equalize objective values ​​with real estate sales prices. Deputy Finance Minister K. Papanatsiou, speaking yesterday at the Prodexpo conference, noted that "our aim is to replace EFFIA with a tax on wealth that will be progressive".

eKathimerini English article: Large Property Tax being mulled

"The government is considering getting rid of the Single Property Tax (ENFIA) and bringing back the Large Property Tax (FMAP) next year, provided that Finance Ministry committees manage to harmonize property prices used for tax purposes (known as “objective values”) with actual market rates".

Large Property Tax to be charged per family, eKathimerini

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Simon Brett, 100 Publications

Congratulations to Simon, on his 100th publication, and the award of the OBE in the 2016 New Year's Honours.

"Seriously Funny… and Other Oxymorons". Simon's 100th publication is a modern book of oxymorons, from 'alcohol-free wine' to 'compassionate Conservatism'.

Simon writes: "2017 is a significant year in my writing career. Three books will be published – Blotto, Twinks and the Stars of the Silver Screen, Seriously Funny... and Other Oxymorons and a new Fethering, The Liar in the Library. The middle one, Seriously Funny..., will be my 100th publication. Which is some kind of achievement... although, as I always say, if the first one had sold better, I wouldn’t have needed to write so many (but for the fact that I have such fun writing them)".

Complete inventory of Simon Brett's books

Simon Brett's biography

With thanks to Jeremy Eccles, for drawing my attention to Simon's 100th publication.

EU-U.K. Relations After Brexit

Germany Drafts Outline of EU-U.K. Ties Post-Brexit, Paper Shows, from Bloomberg Politics

EU summit: a Brexit breakthrough? Euronews

Britons in France and Brexit, Deutsche Welle video

British PM Thanks Greek Expats, Asks Them to Stay, Greek Reporter