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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Report fly-tipping in Dorset

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste on any land. Report it!

The story of Dorchester Radio Station's iconic antennas (Dorset Echo, Book Review)

From Dorset Echo

"Dorchester Radio Station was built in 1925 and began operations in 1927, providing a global telegraph network via the Marconi company. The station was an important part of Marconi's network of beam wireless stations".

Point to Point - A History of International Radio Telecommunications during the Radio Years, by Paul Michael Hawkins

Lee Durrell on Corfu and Erimitis; Gerald Durrell

"Gerald Durrell’s widow: my family and other animals fear for Corfu". Her late husband, Gerald, recoiled as ‘carbuncles’ sprouted on his island haven. Now Lee Durrell pleads against a huge development, Sign in to The Times to read more

"The clock cannot be turned back, no matter how hard we try, but the exigencies of modern times can be challenged, especially as we learn from our mistakes. Corfiots, other Greeks and foreigners who love the island have learnt that uncontrolled and insensitive development has taken a serious toll on Corfu and its environment. We also know short-term gain by the few at the expense of the many is not acceptable in a small island community. Many in Corfu and elsewhere have already raised their voices against the development of Erimitis. We should continue to do so loudly until the situation is resolved in favour of Corfu and no one will ever turn their back, muttering “carbuncles”, on the enchanting headland of the Hermit".

Revising for GCE 'O' Level: Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare; BBC Radio 4

Well, it felt like that. All the characters and the big lines came back to me. Unforgettable!

I was driving home from Castle Cary, Somerset, this afternoon, when I tuned into BBC Radio 4 and caught episode 2 of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

I'd forgotten how powerful the play can be when well produced and acted, as this radio adaptation proved to be. Brilliant! Compelling listening. It was directed by March Beeby.

I wish I'd had a recording of this production when I was studying the play for GCE 'O' Level English back in Bruton and Castle Cary all those years ago.

Episode Two -  the plot against Caesar reaches crisis point as the conspirators gather at the Capitol in Rome.

Episode One - Cassius persuades Brutus that Caesar's ambition is a threat to the republic and a conspiracy is formed.

Episode Three (of 3) to come.

It's even better in the car.

Byron in Zitsa: Greek Translation of Child Harold's Pilgrimage (1895)

From the 1895 Collected Works of Byron, in Greek (Volume 1), Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, Canto II, translated by G. Politis