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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Ella's Portrait Photograph

Photo of Jim,  by Ella

Ella, granddaughter-photographer:

At the Diner (Mattia Diner, near Sparkford, Somerset)

Great music, good fun!

Edwin Muir, The Refugees Born for a Land Unknown

A reminder of a great poet and a powerful poem.

From The Baffler

Two excerpts:

“I have fled through land and sea, blank land and sea,

Because my house is besieged by murderers

And I was wrecked in the ocean, crushed and swept,

Spilling salt angry tears on the salt waves,

My life waste water drawn down through a hole,

Yet lived...

Since then I remember nothing,

But this room in a place where no doors open.

I think the world died many years ago.”

Greece: Reform Measures - Legislation Without Implementation?

From Greek Reporter- PM Tsipras: Greece Ready to Legislate Reforms Depending on Debt Relief:

“We will obviously legislate (the measures) in order to secure a deal on debt relief,” Tsipras stated, saying that he wanted a solution to Greece’s debt burden by May’s end. “They won’t be implemented… unless we get a solution on debt",

Bermuda: The Premier's Speech in Philadelphia

From Bermuda Legal - The Bermuda Government at RIMS, Philadelphia: Bermuda Shorts on display

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Devon: Beer Quarry Caves

A unique experience, fascinating historical insights (2000 years), a wealth of social history, especially concerning quarrymen, stone-masons and smugglers.