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Thursday, 12 December 2019

Corfu, 1862 and 1852 (4 Photographs by Francis Bedford)

An exceptional photograph posted on Facebook: Corfu, 1862:

Francis Bedford, View of Corfu, 1852

Salisbury Cathedral and the Moon: "La lune, comme un point sur un i"

An atmospheric photo by Nick Bull, Stonehenge Dronescapes (Facebook, UK Through the Lenses)

C'était, dans la nuit brune,
Sur le clocher jauni,
La lune
Comme un point sur un i.

Alfred de Musset, Ballade √† la lune

Nick's comments on the photo:

"December's 'Cold Moon' over Salisbury Cathedral. Well, I climbed up the hill and into the chalk pit, a spot I have shot the Cathedral from before and got setup and then it rained. Lots of clouds rolled in and I thought my chance had gone. I stood there muttering under my breath with the brolly up and I said to myself I'm going as soon as there is a break in the rain and 15 minutes later a break in the cloud appeared and there was a 5 minute window of opportunity so I shot a few double exposures back to back and crossed my fingers. Unfortunately with so much cloud around the twilight period was very dark and getting it in a single shot was out the window".

Elli Alexiou of Vitsa, Zagori

Elli was one of the kindest and most wonderful women I have ever known. 

(Photo above from Facebook)

Some of my photos, below:

Spyridon, Patron Saint of Potters; Saint Spyridon's Day, Corfu

I've only just discovered that Saint Spyridon is also known as the Patron Saint of Potters.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

David Bellamy, RIP

Vijay (This Is Your Country Now, Too); BBC Radio 4

Avin Shah's comedy celebrates his East African heritage, BBC Radio 4, listen

"Today's story salutes the enterprise and grit of a generation of British Asian citizens, who were forced to remake their lives in the UK in the 1960s. Fifteen year-old Vijay was born in Kenya, but now the country has won its independence from the British Empire, a new programme of Africanisation means his parents are denied work, and his school has closed down. But when he arrives at Heathrow with his British passport, he's put on a plane back to Kenya. Then in Nairobi, Kenyan Immigration say he's not Kenyan either, and put him back on another plane. So where does Vijay belong? What can he say about who he is, that will get him off a plane and back to school? Luckily, Vijay's new travelling companion, Mr Ramesh Ramji, is about to help him find the answers".