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Saturday, 21 January 2017

John Hubbard, Obituary; American Artist in Dorset

"John Hubbard, who has died aged 85, was an American-born artist whose landscape paintings and charcoal drawings also inspired a beautiful garden he created in Dorset where he moved to live in 1961", The Telegraph

Biography, Exhibitions and Collections

Rowley Gallery

Singing Paint, an American artist in Dorset, film

Greece: Life Is Hard- Η ζωή είναι δύσκολη.

An expressive photograph - original source and photographer unknown to me-  from Facebook, Nostalgika Monopatia/Νοσταλγικά μονοπάτια (Nostalgic Paths). I wonder how many people feel nostalgic about the old days.

Η ζωή είναι δύσκολη - the first Greek sentence I ever learned.


Another wonderful old photo from the same Facebook sequence

Juuso, the Painting Bear

A  brown bear is establishing himself in the Finnish art scene after selling several paintings, video.

Juuso the bear makes artistic debut at Finnish gallery, Reuters


Bears in Bliss

"Thomas Hardy" - Walter de la Mare (recorded reading)

A poem (read by the poet), after visiting Thomas Hardy in Dorchester, Dorset.

"When many years ago I went to stay for a day or two with Thomas Hardy he very kindly met me at the station and he explained with a smile that there were no taxis or anything to ride in because all the people had hired them to take them to a performance of his play in Dorchester, 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles'. So we walked and during our walk I heard a very odd, rather far-away mingling of birdsong which I couldn't think to place and I said, "Do you hear the birds?" and this poem is about that".

All Dorsetshire's larks for connivance of sweetness seemed trysting to greet
Him in whose song the bodings of ravens and nightingales meet...

"O Master," I cried in my heart, "lorn thy tidings, grievous thy song,
Yet thine, too, this solacing music, as we earth-folk stumble along."


Sadly -and strangely- there are no recordings of Thomas Hardy's voice (there are, for instance, wax cylinder recordings of Tennyson's voice).

“A man's silence is wonderful to listen to.”

Two poem animations:

Thomas Hardy, "He Never Expected Much"

Friday, 20 January 2017

The Trial of King Charles I - 20th January 1649

The inauguration of the trial of King Charles I - January 20, 1649.

The sentence - execution:

Washington, DC: Full inauguration speech transcript, annotated

From Washington Post

Donald Trump becomes America’s 45th president, Jan 20th 2017,  LEXINGTON | WASHINGTON, DC, The Economist

Audiofile - The Economist: "In this inaugural special we hear from our Lexington columnist David Rennie as he reflects on the new president's very partisan address. Data expert Matt Hindman discusses Mr Trump's troubled relationship with the press. And John Prideaux identifies potential conflicts in the cabinet over Russia. Robert Guest hosts".