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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Brexit, Northern Ireland and UK 'Regulatory Alignment' with the EU; Robert Peston

From Robert Peston on Facebook

From Euro Guido

Regulatory convergence, alignment, other linguistic subtleties and deliberate ambiguities.

Update (clarification?) from The Guardian:

"Davis admitted that the government was seeking regulatory alignment with the EU in some circumstances, but insisted that it would be UK-wide and that it did not mean retaining exactly the same rules as the EU. “The presumption of the discussion was that everything we talked about applied to the whole United Kingdom,” he said. “Alignment isn’t harmonisation. It isn’t having exactly the same rules. It is sometimes having mutually recognised rules, mutually recognised inspection – that is what we are aiming at.”

From Euro Guido - 'This line in the draft text apparently agreed by Number 10 has caused genuine fears among all Brexiteers: “In the absence of agreed solutions, the UK will maintain full alignment with the internal market, customs union…”'


Diplomatic verbal tricks? "Regulatory Alignment and the Referendum"

Leave campaigners warn May against 'regulatory alignment' with EU, The Guardian


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