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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Spirit of Place - Lawrence Durrell's Greece (documentary film)

Spotted this link on Corfu Forum (thanks to the posting by "Bunny")

Spirit of Place Lawrence Durrell's Greece (documentary, video) - BBC Arts documentary, 1976

"In 1976 Peter Adam took Lawrence Durrell , author of several Greek island books, back to Greece Their journey took them to Corfu, Rhodes, Crete and Hydra" (BBC).

'The Greece that I knew as a young and aggressive poet has changed. Nevertheless I feel there might be some point in trying to recollect and perhaps re-create a little bit of the Greece which is not finished yet and gone for good, and whose ghost still rises up to afflict me from time to time.' 

Lawrence Durrell

Garden of the Gods, Gerald Durrell (YouTube)

Gerald Durrell's 1967 film, Garden of the Gods, the Durrell Library of Corfu Video Gallery

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