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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Dorset County Hospital governors on the CCG Clinical Services Review

From Dorset Echo

Dorset County Hospital governors welcome CCG Clinical Services Review - "broadly welcome, but concerns about travel time and ambulance services"...

"The governors agreed that it was generally in favour of the proposals for Dorset County Hospital, which maintain the majority of services it currently enjoys".

"The Council of Governors accepts the Clinical Commissioning Groups proposal to site the Major Emergency Centre in the East of the County in Bournemouth. Governors would like a provision to be made for Dorset County Hospital's AandE to have sufficient capacity to deal with any increase in emergency workload as a result of the location of the Major Emergency Hospital in the east of the county. Governors agreed that Dr Farquhar-Thomson should be given authority to amend the draft statement, adding emphasis to the concerns raised about transport times and ambulance services, before it is submitted to the CCG. The governors are also keen to encourage anyone who has not yet done so to take part in the consultation".

Is there any guarantee that Dorset County Hospital AandE and other departments will have sufficient capacity in years to come, in terms of trained staff and experienced doctors and consultants on duty? What effect will Brexit have on the recruitment of NHS staff? What are the plans for the replacement of staff coming up for retirement in the next five to ten years?

Another scenario, another story to add to the CCG Consultation document? - At the proposed major emergency (and highly efficient) acute hospital centre with its hot laboratory for processing urgent tests...

Royal Bournemouth Hospital scientist suspended after errors, BBC

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