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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Dorset County Council: Reduction in subsidised bus services?

From Dorset Echo - Dorset County Council is proposing to reduce number of subsidised bus services from 35 to 7

"Bus services not included in the tendering process for contracts include the numbers 1, 2 and 6 Dorchester town services, the number 44 from West Bay to Bridport, the 71 Lyme Regis town service, the 101 route between Crossways and Dorchester, the 210 from Litton Cheney to Bridport, the 211 Poundbury to Weymouth route, the number 212 from Dorchester to Yeovil and the 311 between the county town and Blandford".

Members of Dorchester Social Stroke Club speak out against Dorset County Councils proposals to cut bus services, Dorset Echo

Update from Andy Canning, March 2017:

"After a meeting this week between the County Council, Duchy of Cornwall and developers it has been confirmed that the Number 6 bus will continue to run unchanged after July of this year. This is good news for all Poundbury residents and is to be warmly welcomed. However, that now leaves the County Council operating eight rather than seven bus routes out of their current total of 35".

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