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Thursday, 23 February 2017

2050: Which Countries Will Be Dominant Economically? The Future of the Anglosphere

According to,. as they put it, in 30 slides - "Decline of the West: these countries will rule the world in 2050".

A Future of the English-Speaking Peoples, Lie Back and Think of the Anglosphere, Foreign Affairs

Some quotes:

“The Anglosphere’s time may have arrived…

This political community represents six percent of the world’s population, a quarter of global GDP, and 40 percent of total military spending. It boasts some of the highest GDP per capita in the world...

If the Anglosphere comes together as a political project, it could signal the emergence of a new model of globalization, centered on cultural homogeneity, with regional clusters converging around common cultural factors, and without a rigid underlying institutional structure like the European Union…

Nostalgic nationalism will likely reinforce tensions and frictions between regions that are culturally distant, especially when standards of living differ greatly. But it can bring culturally similar countries closer together. Indeed, nostalgic nationalism is already reshaping the global order, but it will not necessarily lead to outright isolationism or conflict. There is room for new forms of cooperation to flourish”.

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