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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Greece: Higher Tax on Tsipouro? The Final Blow. Tο αφορολήγητο.

From Kathimerini

"Tsipouro and raki producers risk losing their favourable tax status if Greece loses its battle at the European Court of Justice, following a referral on Wednesday by the European Commission.
A negative ruling based on the government’s failure to contain illegal bulk sales of the two traditional Greek spirits, will have a significant impact not just on small-scale producers who are licensed to produce just enough to cover household consumption, but also on the major Greek distillers".

The last straw...

European Court to Decide if Raki and Tsipouro Will Receive Full Tax Rate, Greek Reporter
Greek taxpayers overdue debts reached 94bn euros in November!

Heard on Greek radio (internet) this morning, a Minister claiming that 4 million Greek tax-payers haven't paid their taxes. Maybe I misunderstood?

Arguments still raging about the amount that can be earned before income tax becomes payable (το αφορολήγητο) -. the reduction of the tax-free income limit.

And they want low-taxed tsipouro?

Of course, it should be free to pensioners (the over-70's) who inhabit and maintain the way of life in the underpopulated mountain villages.

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