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Friday, 17 February 2017

Britain- sliding towards Scoxit? Tony Blair's New Movement and Mission

From The Economist

"For a country of 5m go it alone would be a gamble. Yet Scots may conclude that remaining in the Brexit-bound union would be riskier still".

Tony Blair, Open Britain, some reactions (Guido Fawkes...)

Ex-PM Blair says Brits should 'rise up' against Brexit, EU Observer

Tony Blair: debilitated Labour is facilitating a disastrous Brexit, The Guardian

Blair Urges Brexit Opponents to Rise Up and Fight to Stay in EU, Bloomberg

Ham-theatrics? MailOnline

Labour MPs challenge Tony Blair over Brexit speech, The Guardian

EU Withdrawal ~ The Three Knights Opinion

British overseas territories set out their Brexit priorities - Representatives of 10 territories try to ensure they are not overlooked in talks

"Bermuda, the most populous of the overseas territories, said its priority was free movement with the EU. “The travel is the most important thing because many Bermudians travel a lot,” said Mr Dunkley. The island’s financial sector would be less affected, he argued, given it already had equivalency status under the EU’s Solvency II directive"

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