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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Weymouth: Best Beach in the UK (Trip Advisor)

The UK Top Ten

Weymouth came top -  "very dog friendly, ideal for dog-walking".

Not necessarily a recommendation for the majority of visitors and swimmers?

Weymouth Beach ban on dogs, BBC- "Rules banning dogs from Weymouth's beach for seven months of the year will remain in place, despite two petitions. Weymouth and Portland Borough Council extended the time dogs were not allowed on the beach from May until September to Easter until the end of October".

Weymouth Beach crowned the best in the UK - As the UK’s best rated beach, critics hailed it as ideal for dog walking and said its golden sands are photogenic, MailOnline.

Top 25 in Europe (Weymouth No. 9)

Top Ten in Greece

Top 25 in the world

Travellers Choice Awards has named Weymouth as the best beach in the UK - as Weymouth and Portland Borough Council leader Jeff Cant says he is 'determined' to improve the state of Weymouth, Dorset Echo

MSN/Mirror, Britain's best beach has been revealed

Visit Dorset

MailOnline, Weymouth Beach, Dorset, takes the title of the UK’s most desirable beach and wins ninth best spot in Europe

Photo of Weymouth Beach (Instagram and Dorset For You, Facebook)

Economic assessment of Weymouth Pavilion peninsula redevelopment says 250 jobs will be created at leisure zone. Dorset Echo

Weymouth and Portland Mayor Richard Kosior said parts of Weymouth are a 'washed-up, falling down eyesore', Dorset Echo

Resident Bob Underwood took a series of photos around Weymouth to show the state of the town and demand action be taken, Dorset Echo

Anger over yobs at Weymouth train station, Dorset Echo

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