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Friday, 1 May 2015

Greece: "Getting Feta" ; Marjory McGinn; Living through the Greek crisis

Effrosyni's blog, an enthusiastic book review of "THINGS CAN ONLY GET FETA",  by Marjory McGinn.

Effrosyni writes:

"I’ve read numerous books by British authors who’ve recorded their experiences with fixing up the odd dilapidated house in various parts of Greece. All the accounts managed to irritate me, both with their arrogance and intolerance towards the Greek way of life, as well as with the many inaccuracies their stories included. Thankfully, this book was a breath of fresh air".

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Jim,
    Thanks for sharing this review about my first book, Things Can Only Get Feta. Much appreciated. Your readers might like to know there is now a sequel available called Homer's Where the Heart Is. Details on my blog
    I did consider Corfu for the three year odyssey since it's an island I have enjoyed visiting, but changed it to the Mani.
    Kindest regards,