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Monday, 18 May 2015

Dorset: Hospitals, Healthcare and Clinical Services Plans- Fears that patients will have to travel to east Dorset for treatment; Driving Time and Survival Chances

Report from Dorset Echo - "the future of Dorset's healthcare- DCH A& E is safe but major hospital will be in east of the county".

“This is about improving consultant care across the service and if the emergency situation is so serious a patient needed to be treated at Bournemouth or Poole, research shows even with the driving time, they have a better chance of survival as they're being treated by doctors on the way and then treated by specialists on arrival.”

See my earlier report on the Dorset Clinical Services Review

From my posting of 10 February 2015:

"I left with the impression that, despite all the commendable efforts being made to consult and communicate the need for radical change, it is almost a foregone conclusion that the public is being prepared to expect a largely unwelcome change (if - arguably- necessary) in the range of specialist services available in future at either one or two of the three Dorset hospitals. Dorset currently has three hospitals offering "Yellow" services when the higher-grading "Green" services are needed. We are being prepared for an inevitable conclusion that some important "Green" services will be available in only one of possibly two of the hospitals when the review is implemented between 2015-2017".

"Don't have a heart attack if you live in West Dorset"

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