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Friday, 8 May 2015

Greece: Σύγχυση - "Baffling" Documents (re Varoufakis); Greece as "pluralistic energy hub" (re Lafazanis)

Bloomberg - Greece’s Creditors Said to Seek 3 Billion-Euro Budget Cuts

Reuters-  Greece taps IMF reserves to pay IMF debt: sources

BBC - Greece taps reserves

Paying the IMF with IMF money, Mignatiou

Telegraph report

New York Times article - Making Sense of the Options for Greece - "When Mr. Tsipras took office in January, he seemed to have thought he could extract more cash from his creditors as well as secure relief on Athens’s debts without undertaking serious reforms. This was pie in the sky".

From Wall Street Journal - Documents Distributed by Greece’s Yanis Varoufakis Baffle Eurozone Officials -

"Officials say that the files differ greatly from what has been discussed in technical talks in Brussels" - “There is hardly any connection between his blueprint and the ongoing ‘negotiations’,” an EU official said. “It seems like a fine program for a country that does not have any financing problems, but just wants to catch up and be a nice tourist destination,” he added. An area where officials identify as significantly different to what is currently discussed between experts from both sides is the creation of a “bad bank”—an entity that would house and wind down Greek lenders’ bad loans. “Conveniently, the financing of the bad bank is not treated—he said he would send us the check” the official said.

Kathimerini - Σύγχυση από έγγραφο του υπουργού Οικονομικών

Kathimerini Update

Update in English

Greece as "pluralistic energy hub", Kathimerini - "Greece wants to become a "pluralistic energy hub in the region" with a multi-level and independent energy policy based exclusively on national interests, cooperation and energy security in the region and Europe," Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis said on Friday after talks with Amos Hochstein, a US special envoy for international energy relations. Hochstein, for his part, said the two men "agree on more things than we disagree."

Kathimerini - "Washington increased the pressure on Athens on Friday to concentrate on the completion of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) rather than devote efforts toward the extension of the planned Turkish Stream pipeline so it runs through Greece...After the meeting with the US envoy, Lafazanis said the government would continue to back the Turkish Stream project because it believes it will be “useful” for Greece".

Mignatiou, Round-Up

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