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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Macedonia (FYROM) - Gunfire and Political Crisis; Balkan Instability? Συγκρούσεις με νεκρούς στην ΠΓΔΜ


Update "The crisis in the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia shows no signs of abating with the opposition claiming the government orchestrated Saturday’s shootout in which 22 people died".

Update  "Exclusive: unrest in FYR Macedonia could hit other Balkan countries warns Serbian PM"

From Reuters - "Gunfire, explosions in Macedonia as police battle 'armed group"

BBC further update

BBC Update

BBC -  "Macedonia police killed in clashes with 'terrorists'"

CBC - 5 Macedonian police killed in clash with armed group

"Balkan nation grappling with deepest political crisis since independence from former Yugoslavia"

NBC - "An armed group attacked special forces police Saturday in a town in northern Macedonia in a clash that killed five police officers and injured more than 30, officials said, amid a political crisis that has raised concern about the stability of the Balkan nation. Interior minister Gordana Jankulovska told reporters late Saturday that the police casualties occurred during a sweep operation in Diva Naselba, a neighborhood in western Kumanovo".

DW - 'A "well-trained terrorist group" had entered Macedonia from an unspecified neighboring country with a plan to "perform attacks on state institutions,” the Associated Press quoted Kotevski as saying...The incident comes less then three weeks after around 40 ethnic Albanians from neighboring Kosovo seized control of a police station on Macedonia's northern border. They were demanding the creation of an Albanian state in Macedonia'. report - Συγκρούσεις με νεκρούς στην ΠΓΔΜ μεταξύ αστυνομίας και ενόπλων

Mignatiou report

Earlier report

Euronews report

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