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Friday, 15 May 2015

Izzy Tries On a New Hat: Folklore Centre, Stockholm; Izzy Young; Talking Folklore Centre Blues

"Change can be a good thing- even when it comes to the way that bread is baked".

A courtesy visit to Izzy Young at the Folklore Centre in Stockholm.

It's more than ten years since we last met, in 2004.

Back in 2004

New York's Beatnik 'Riot'

Documentary on Greenwich Village, Izzy in 1989

Fixin' to Die

Howlin' Wolf Tribute

Death Valley Blues

Where's That Good Samaritan Gone?

Tribute to Izzy

Rappin' with Big Jay

The Beats Abroad

The Beats I met
Were really beat,
Not acting beat-
They'd faced defeat
In jail, survived,
Kept low,
Jumped bail,
Been on the run,
Far from the Hole-
Hid out with saints
And Spanish gypsies;
Sought sanctuary-
Found peace in Greece.

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