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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Greece: Lafazanis; Strong Words on Foreign Creditors and Representatives of the "Institutions" - μοιάζουν με μαντρόσκυλα που επιτίθενται; the smiles hide the reality; "Like Mastiff Guard-Dogs on the Attack"

Obamo G7 Pressure on Creditors, Geopolitical (Keep Talking Greece)

From Mignatiou - Λαφαζάνης: “οι πιστωτές θέλουν την ρήξη και επιδιώκουν να εξοντώσουν την κυβέρνηση και την χώρα” - Extraordinary claim, that they are "trying to destroy the government and the country".

Από το βήμα της ΚΕ του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ, ο κ. Λαφαζάνης άσκησε έντονη κριτική σε ξένους αξιωματούχους, τονίζοντας ότι τα χαμόγελα κρύβουν την πραγματικότητα και ότι μοιάζουν με μαντρόσκυλα που επιτίθενται.

Yanis Varoufakis, from his blog - The truth about Riga

"I stood firm against the torrent of lies that flowed for weeks like an out of control sewer. I desisted all provocation and refused to divulge anything of what was said in the meeting – not even to put out there the text of my own speeches (let alone the recording)".

"To fellow Europeans I add this: Perhaps it is time we became a little more sceptical about the journalism we rely upon as citizens. And perhaps we should query European institutions in which decisions of monumental importance are made, on behalf of Europe’s citizenry, but in which minutes are neither taken nor published. Secrecy and a gullible press do not augur well for Europe’s democracy"

Is there also a growing atmosphere of paranoia? Or are there simply too many smokescreens? 

Forbes, Stephen Pope - "Greece To Be Granted A Bailout Extension; Eurozone Lacks Credibility"

BBC News - "There is a theory that the Prime minister Alexis Tsipras allows his ministers to let off steam in interviews in order to give him leverage when negotiating with creditors in Brussels or Berlin".

That would seem to be the case...but see Protagon pieceΠολεμικό κλίμα στον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ -
on the 'climate of war' within SYRIZA 

Just a show of letting off steam to gain some negotiating leverage?

Kathimerini/Bloomberg on IMF, Lagarde View - No quick fix

Kathimerini on Greek Government View- A quick compromise

Ilias Makris cartoon: Sign here!

Telegraph - "Greece begs for leniency as investors warn 'time for complacency' on collapse is over"

Varoufakis: "Austerity is the only deal-breaker" Project Syndicate)

Klaus Regling, Further warnings

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