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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

August Strindberg, Stockholm: Strindberg's Last Apartment (and his Kymendö writing stuga); Strindberg Paintings; Strindberg's Guitar

At the Strindberg Museum, Drottninggatan 85, "The Blue Tower".
Strindberg lived here between 1908-1912

"My most beautiful electric lamp with its red eye"

"I shall set out my most beautiful lamp to shine a red eye towards Tegnér Square...I may perhaps stand in my living room window" (Strindberg, before his 63rd birthday and the planned people's torchlight procession - 15,000 people; "Strindberg stood at the rail of his balcony, acknowledging them"); from Dagens Nyheter, 23.1.1912 & Sue Prideaux, Strindberg, A Life.

Strindberg's bed (where he died)
Strindberg Museum, The Apartment

All modern conveniences:

"The other novelty, the lift, offered itself a s a splendid, new, multi-purpose symbol signifying the levels of consciousness, Buddhist reincarnations and stages of spiritual progression on the ascension to Heaven or the descent to Hell: going up, going down" (from "Strindberg, A Life", by Sue Prideaux).

Strindberg's writing stuga on the island of Kymendö:

Strindbergsstugan/ Diktarstuga


A.S. (starkers) - The Strindberg Monument, Carl Eldh;
with Dr. Rea Ann-Margret Mellberg, Greek translator

Outside Dramaten
Knut Jern Statue

October, 2014

The Somnambulist In Djurgården -
The Orchard Archipelago, Rosendal Park

"Troubled skies and crashing waves" -
Strindberg's favourite subjects,
When walking to Rosendal's Trädgård,
From Karlaplan or Drottninggatan,
Eyes fixed firmly straight ahead,
Dreaming Kymendö and Sandhamn
(Runmarö, Dalarö, Furusund, Huvudskär)?

Trees as symbols of the wild, high seas.

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