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Sunday, 10 May 2015

UK: James Rebanks, The Country's Most Famous Shepherd; The Herdy Shepherd

Mail Online

BBC Radio 4 "On Your Farm" - a fascinating programme - James Rebanks, the Herdy Shepherd

"Three years ago farmer James Rebanks got a smart phone and started taking pictures of his herdwick sheep and his life as a shepherd on the Cumbrian fells. A friend reckoned they were quite good and encouraged him to tweet them. Today sixty thousand Twitter followers from all over the world check out what he, his dogs and his sheep are up to on a daily basis. Someone suggested a book - and after bidding wars in both the States and the UK, A Shepherd's Life is has become a best seller and was recently Radio 4's Book of the Week. Caz Graham meets the man behind the tweets and hears how James couples his passion for herdwick sheep and writing with a parallel career; he's an expert advisor to UNESCO on sustainable tourism advising rural communities all around the world. Caz joins James herding sheep back to the fells for summer, meets a newly born lamb and some of the UKs most famous puppies!"

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