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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Greece: A Tax (Surcharge) on Cashpoint Withdrawals? Sunbeds and Beach Umbrellas Law

Alarming news (The Times)

"Greece has announced a surcharge on cashpoint withdrawals and financial transactions in an attempt to stop capital flight out of the country’s banks and raise cash as the Greek government faces bankruptcy.

The move came as the European Commission warned today that Greece is slipping into bankruptcy with rocketing debt after the election of a leftist government there months ago triggered the latest political crisis with the eurozone".

NB This measure needs approval from the ECB.

International Business Times

Anything can happen. The government has just reversed the recently-introduced law on the renting and hiring of beach-sunbeds and umbrellas beside the sea. You don't know where you stand (or lie). Is your beach freely accessible from the winter high-tide mark down to the sea?

Tax Raids on Rhodes Beach Sunbeds (back in 2011)

If required to pay for the use of a sunbed or umbrella (wherever located), perhaps one should insist on a legal tax receipt?

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