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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Greece: ATM Withdrawal Tax Confusion: On The Table? Not On The Cards? Varoufakis, the EWG and the Wider Context

Kathimerini 1

Kathimerini 2

Visitors and tourists might like to know with some more certainty whether to take cash or plastic on holiday.

A trivial issue, in the scheme of things?

Update from Kathimerini - "Varoufakis fuels confusion over reforms as Juncker questions his role"

New York Times - "With Money Drying Up, Greece Is All but Bankrupt".

Bloomberg: Nouriel Roubini interview from G7, Dresden "Pots of Money for Greece?"

EWG Ultimatum, in,gr 

Kathimerini on the EWG

Bloomberg - Greece Remains More Optimistic Than Its Creditors

Reuters - Greece might sidestep June 5 IMF payment deadline -" Greece could only use such a trick if there was a credible prospect of a funding deal that could be communicated to markets and its citizens. Otherwise, the missed payment could trigger market panic and a bank run in Greece".

Forbes -  "Greece, The EU And The IMF Are Dancing With Death"

Reuters: Can't pay, won't pay

Someone is trying to pull the wool over our eyes!

Juncker interview, Kathimerini

EU Funds at Risk - "Greece runs the immediate risk of missing out on 1 billion euros worth of European Union subsidies this year from the previous support framework, which expires on December 31, as a payment freeze by the state has blocked the proper implementation of projects that will have to finish by the end of the year".

The European Liberals and Democrats - ALDE president Guy Verhofstadt: "The unity and integrity of the euro area is at stake. The Greeks and the other European tax payers have the right to know why it has been impossible to find an agreement over the last months."

"We had expected the Greek government to propose a serious reform plan to dismantle the Greek clientelistic political system, open up the Greek economy, reinvigorate the labour market and to fight entrenched corruption in Greek society.”

"Unfortunately, so far we have only seen attempts to raise taxes and proposals to scrape together the last euros they can find, to reimburse their creditors. This is a quick-fix short term policy instead of a badly needed sustainable reform plan to give the Greek society the means to emerge stronger from this crisis.”

Klaus Regling, Kathimerini

Reuters, Good Cops and Bad Cops - "Some blame EU Commission for Greek obstinacy in debt talks"

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