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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Somerset Folk Press; R. R. C. Gregory; Poems in Dialect, 1922; Castle Cary; Somerset Dialect; Richard Robert Castell Gregory

Another Castle Cary discovery!

About R. R. C. Gregory
Richard Robert Castell Gregory
Teacher, Headmaster, Poet

1883-89: Headmaster of the school at North Cadbury, Somerset.
1890-1901: Headmaster of the larger school at Castle Cary, Somerset.

"For the North Cadbury Local Operatic Society in the 1880's he wrote musical cornedies. At Castle Cary he contributed to the popular monthly magazine "The Castle Cary Visitor", chatty historical pieces and poems in dialect".

Information from

"A Berkshire man by birth, Mr. Gregory migrated westward in 1881, and for some twenty years made Somerset his home, labouring as Schoolmaster, first at South Cadbury, and subsequently at Castle Cary. Always a keen student of folk life, he had in the "Camelot" district, rich opportunities of following this bent" (Selected Poems in Somerset Dialect, 1921).

From the poem:

I zed, ef Jim did marry she,
    He'd ketch a tartar.
An' zo my words a'comed out true, -
What she do arder Jim d'do;
Where she d'trapsey Jim mus' goo
    An ' volly arter....

When he d' come vrom work a' night,
A veeling tired as well he might,
Amoost avore he comes in sight,
      Out she d'holly,
"Now wipe your shoes James, do'ee hear?"
Or, "Goo an' clean thyself my dear",
"Doant put thee lags atheart thik cheer,"
      An' zich like folly.

Her tongue he allys on the wag
The ooman' s only barn to nag;
Ef she wer mine, I'd vine a gag
     That zoon ood stop 'er...

Poor Jim! To think a man like he,
A gurt big veller, six voot dree,
Should zo be put upon by she!
     A silly gawky!

Loose-leaf poem

More dialect poetry from Castle Cary, 1920s

Douglas Macmillan MBE (10 August 1884, in Castle Cary, Somerset– 1969) . Many titles, including poetry, in the Somerset Folk Press Series, also as 'D.M'. Editor of The Somerset Year Book.

My latest acquisition, a book by "Barney Hodger", 1924:

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