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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Diamantina Roma, Lady Bowen, Contessa di Roma: Her Life and Work - A Talk in Stockholm

A talk in two parts by Maria Strani-Potts -
Part 1, on Diamantina Roma
Part 2, Maria Strani-Potts reading from her own work

Introduction by Dr. Rea Ann-Margaret Mellberg, 
Minister-Counsellor, Embassy of  The Hellenic Republic, Stockholm

 Maria Strani-Potts with Constantina Lomi, Secretary,
Λύκειον των Eλληνίδων Στοκχóλμη

Thanks from Evangelia Ångström Samara, President, Λύκειον των Eλληνίδων Στοκχóλμης

Maria's talk was followed by a wonderful buffet, and two beautiful, moving songs sung by Calypso Konstantinidou and Yiannis Mattos. A great honour!

 Calypso singing Theodorakis' "To Traino Fevgei Stis Okto"
Lyrics: Manos Eleftheriou

Calypso and Yiannis singing "Tsamiko", M.Hadjidakis
Lyrics: N. Gatsos

NB Maria's original paper on Diamantina Roma (as given in Corfu, 2014) will be published in the proceedings of the Pan-Ionian Conference -  Ι΄ Πανιόνιο Συνέδριο

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