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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Greece: Yanis Varoufakis: The Latest Interview with the Greek Finance Minister; Juncker denies rescue plan or cutting the "Gordian Knot"; Dr Wolfgang Schäuble

Some details from the Star TV Interview - and more...

From BBC News

From Deutsche Welle

Three Questions (put by Die Zeit to Yanis Varoufakis) - Die Zeit’s QandA on Dr Wolfgang Schäuble-  "There is some frustration at not having the opportunity to discuss in a different setting; to stage these meetings in a proper federal, democratic context in which arguments, rather than relative power, would play a more prominent role".

Comment on Observing Greece

New York Times profile - "A Finance Minister Fit for a Greek Tragedy?" - if you really want to read any more about YV

VAT Proposals

More on VAT

Keep Talking Greece on VAT Rates Confusion

Are the Greeks the only ones who are optimistic?

Juncker denies rescue plan - European Commission chief says he has not intervened with a deal for Greece as hopes of solution at EU Council meeting in Riga fade (The Telegraph)

The Guardian reports

To Vima article

FT report on To Vima "scoop"

"Although nobody is admitting the provenance of the document, what it appears to be is one in a series of proposals going back and forth between the Commission and Athens in an effort to find common ground, rather than a full-blown “Juncker Plan” to cut the Gordian Knot. Still, even if it is not a fully-articulated Juncker proposal, what may be most interesting about the document is what it says about the current negotiation process. It is now no secret that the Commission views the IMF and Berlin as being unreasonably hard-line in the Greek talks and Commission officials, including Juncker himself, have been trying to bridge differences between Athens and hard-line elements for weeks.It is also no secret that many others involved in the talks are none-too-pleased with the Commission’s freelancing".

Kathimerini article

Bloomberg - Greek Finances to Stagger On Longer Than You Think - "While Greece says a deal is near, the country has enough money to last weeks, maybe even two months.While Greece says a deal is near, the country has enough money to last weeks, maybe even two months".

(I always thought they could carry on a lot longer)

Observing Greece - "Perhaps The Fiscal Situation Is Not So Tight, After All!"

Kathimerini: Progress is Slow - "Progress in talks between Greece and its creditors on more funding is slow, the European Commission said on Tuesday, denying the existence of a new proposal reported by the Greek press that would give Athens cash on more favorable terms".

from - Ντάισελμπλούμ: Δεν είναι πιθανή συμφωνία με την Ελλάδα αυτή την εβδομάδα

Les Echos, Schäuble - "La Commission européenne joue son rôle à côté d´institutions intergouvernementales comme le MES. Elle agit dans la limite de sa fonction".

Kammenos at the Pentagon (Mignatiou)

Bloomberg Update - "Hollande Says Tsipras Talks to Pave Way for Greece Deal"

Keep Talking Greece - "Free Wi-Fi For All"

Corfu Press

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