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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Greece: Epirus, "The Best-Kept Secret of the Greeks"

From The Telegraph - Epirus: the best-kept secret in Greece?

This little-known region of the Greek mainland has the world’s deepest gorge, a landscape like Scotland’s and mountain villages to rival those of Provence, says Caroline Shearing.

From the Mail Online - The land of bears and bridges: Searching for the world's deepest canyon in Zagori in Greece

And, for those that missed it, Amanda Petrusich's New York Times Magazine feature on the folk music of the region


There are many issues concerning Greece that cause a measure of disagreement these days.

May Day in Ioannina (Protagon)

One thing with which I agree, wholeheartedly, is that Epirus (especially the Zagori region) is the best-kept secret of the Greeks - and in Greece.

Bur please don't tell anyone I told you. Do read my book - if you want to know what I really think about this wonderful part of the world, its rich and fascinating culture, landscape and history.

US Edition (OUP)

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