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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Greece: Costas Lapavitsas; The SYRIZA Strategy Compared to "Flogging a Dead Horse"; A Consensual and Orderly Exit? The End of Modernisation? Hellenocentrism?

Contrasting viewpoints that are still attracting media attention and comment:

Costas Lapavitsas 18 March 2015

"In a joint interview with German daily Der Tagesspiegel and ThePressProject International, Syriza MP and economist Costas Lapavitsas says that the time has come for Greece and its partners to understand that “they are flogging a dead horse”. Instead, they should work together on 'an exit that will be negotiated and consensual'."

So what should the Greek government do in your opinion?

"Greece needs to consider the true alternative path which is to leave this failed monetary union. It is clearly the only way that was there from the beginning – which is basically exit. If you are going to apply such a programme, as Syriza has proclaimed, which is not radical – Syriza’s programme is just moderate Keynesianism -, you need to think seriously of how you are going to get out of the confines of the Eurozone....In my judgement, the best strategy right now is what I call a consensual and orderly exit. Not a contested exit".

"Syriza is a big organization which has grown very rapidly. It reflects society. It isn’t some kind of traditional party of the left, and therefore there is a variety of opinions and of political conscience".

Neos Kosmos, Prof. Vrasidas Karalis - SYRIZA and the end of modernisation in Greece

Guardian article, 2 March 2015

More from The Guardian, on Finance Minister Varoufakis - "Varoufakis has achieved one thing – uniting resentment from poorer nations".

The Minister disagrees - Ο κ. Βαρουφάκης διαψεύδει κατηγορηματικά ότι στο Eurogroup δέχθηκε επίθεση από τους ομολόγους του και μάλιστα εμφανίζεται δυσαρεστημένος από το γεγονός ότι ο κ. Ντέισελμπλουμ δεν έσπευσε να διαψεύσει το γεγονός.

Voice of America - It was "one thing to say we shouldn't have joined the euro and it is another to say that we have to leave," said Varoufakis

Bloomberg -  Greece Aid Talks Gain Urgency as Breakthrough Remains Elusive

The Telegraph - Greek government says it is confident a deal can be struck, but creditors remain at loggerheads with Athens over labour market reforms

IMF requires comprehensive reform agreement, Mignatiou - Ms. Lagarde has formally requested in-depth reform of the social security system, because the insurance system in its present form is not sustainable. She also asked Mr. Varoufakis to deal seriously with the tax system and to ensure the effectiveness of tax collection, and giving the necessary independence to the Greek tax authorities.

Reuters - "Skourletis said the IMF was unyielding on its demands for labor reforms, including pensions cuts, mass layoffs and resisting raising the minimum wage".

Kathimerini Update on negotiations

Who's being stubborn?

A controversial piece that's doing the rounds on Facebook (not read)

Eurozine article - Michail Dimitrakopoulos, Syriza et "Le destin de la Grèce moderne" -

La republication, sur le site de la revue Esprit, de l'article de Kostas Axelos, "Le destin de la Grèce moderne", nous donne l'occasion de relire un texte important qui, soixante ans après, nous aide encore à penser l'actualité grecque et les dangers qui la guettent d'une manière chronique.

'Greece as the centre, the world as the periphery'- hellenocentrism and a dangerous form of nationalism:

"Ce nationalisme est également inquiétant et dangereux. Il est inquiétant parce qu'il fait de la dette, considérée comme illégitime, le problème le plus important du pays et laisse au second plan, dans l'obscurité même, les réformes à venir indispensables à sa survie. Il est dangereux en ce que cette orientation risque de heurter ses partenaires et d'empêcher Tsipras de réformer le pays en s'appuyant sur l'unique aide économique à laquelle la Grèce pourrait avoir facilement accès dans l'avenir, c'est à- dire l'aide européenne".

The article by Kostas Axelos, Esprit, July 1954 - Le destin de la Grèce moderne

The Solitude of SYRIZA - "Syriza struggles as Greeks once again stare into the abyss" (The Guardian)

FT: IMF takes hard line

The Black Economy Booming (The Times) - 'Like hundreds of thousands of other technicians, businessmen and merchants that year, the electrician closed his books, shut down his business — and has been trading under the radar of the Greek taxman ever since. "The best move I ever made", he quips."The economy still sucks, but I'm doing ten times better".'

Reuters - Pension, labour disputes dog Greek talks

BBC- Greece's undeclared domestic default takes hold

Greek "Non Paper" - in Greek

Greek "Non Paper on State of Negotiations"- In English, The Greek Anaylyst

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