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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Greece: Waste Disposal; Waste Management; Rubbish; Garbage, Landfills; Tips; Fly-Tipping; Recycling; Trash Into Cash; Corfu; Tebloni Landfill

I would hope the new Greek Government would give the very highest priority to this mounting problem.

Instead of paying large fines for illegal landfill violations, SYRIZA could "turn trash into cash".

Articles of relevance, after a quick search on the web:

Mounds of filth on an island paradise, BBC Dec 2013

Waste The Greek and Cypriot Way

Illegal Landfill Violations

A Stinking Metaphor Time, May 2013

Travel, Tourism and Identity

European Commission

Brussels, 26 January 2012 – The European Commission is urging Greece and Cyprus to comply with the requirements of EU landfill legislation in Cyprus and on the Greek islands of Zakynthos and Corfu. Landfills operating in breach of EU waste legislation constitute a serious threat to human health and the environment.

Back to Court, European Commission Feb 2013

Paradise Island: Idyll or Dump? The Corfiot, Nov. 2008, p.13-15

Regular photographic updates from Corfu, on Facebook, Paolo Melissano

Trash into Cash DW, Sept 2012

"If you ask Greek mayors what their biggest problems are, rubbish disposal would be among those at the top of the list. The entire country is overflowing with landfills. If one landfill reaches capacity and closes, another opens. An increasing number of politicians are admitting that this is not a real solution".

Hotel Owners Demand a Corfu Clean-Up, August 2013

Corfu Waste Management, Candidates from PPP Tender June 2014, Public-Private Partnership

"The private partner will be selected through an international public tender, a competitive dialogue procedure, and will undertake the design, financing, construction, maintenance and operation of the waste management facilities in Corfu, for 27 years. The facilities will have capacity to process about 87.000 tons of waste annually...The project will also utilise funding provided by the European Union's structural funds for the co-financing of the construction costs"

Tender Notice

Corfu Waste Management | inspiratia
29 Oct 2014 - 29/10/2014 | Delayed (Delayed/Cancelled). Corfu has stalled the competitive dialogue procedure for the Corfu waste management facility PPP

After Tebloni (Corfu's Landfill) is full-up in about a year from now and closes, where will the rubbish go?  Corfu Press, on malfunctions and waste-management problems

Tebloni Court Case: Poor Construction and Operation?

Corfu: The unresolved problem of waste management

Is the problem primarily financial? Is it a political argument about semi-privatisation, about partnership with the private sector? Or is the delay caused by a fundamental lack of know-how, leading to confusion and paralysis? What are the outcomes? 

An update on the state-of-play, a progress report and an implementation plan would be timely and welcome. Where will it go, Corfu's 87,000 tons of waste each year?

Since posting this, I note that George Kaloudis (ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΚΑΛΟΥΔΗΣ) has addressed the topic on Facebook (5 March 2015).

A Comment on Corfu Forum, June 2016

 Update: outside the Greek Embassy, Washington DC, April 1, 2015 (from the bus)


  1. Very interesting article, I didn't knew anything about situation there. It definitely gives you something to think about!

  2. The waste problem at Corfu is both political and financial. Partnership with the private sector is possible but not necessarily profitable. Countries like Sweden are now looking to import waste from countries like Bulgaria and Romania, probably Greece may turn out to be a good waste exporter if that is the better solution. The government should consider this i think.