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Monday, 23 March 2015

Tsipras-Merkel Berlin Meeting; "Eine vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit - wir müssen uns besser verstehen...diese schrecklichen Stereotypen zu überwinden."

Reuters report - "Tsipras, Merkel display goodwill, little sign of debt progress"

Mail Online

Dinner-table topics, iefimerida

Defusing the tensions, Kathimerini

Avgi report

Ta Nea report

From the Press Conference Video, Spiegel Online

Spiegel Online Report

Bild report, with video extract

Sueddeutsche Zeitung- "Weder sind die Griechen Faulenzer, noch sind die Deutschen schuld an den Übeln und den Missständen in Griechenland. Wir müssen hart daran arbeiten, diese schrecklichen Stereotypen zu überwinden."

Deutsche Welle

"The two leaders both stressed the need to end the sometimes heated rhetoric that has been heard in both capitals in recent weeks, and break down mutual stereotypes. "Neither are the Greeks lazy louts nor are the Germans to blame for Greece's ills - we have to work hard to overcome these stereotypes," Tsipras said. Merkel said it was important to "overcome these types of stereotypes" about good and bad eurozone states, if the currency union was to succeed in the long term".

Stern report - "Jetzt offiziell: Deutsche sind keine Nazis"

More from DW

From iefimerida

Solidarity with Greece

The Guardian updates

The Telegraph's take

A hard-hitting lead article in The Times, Tsipras in Berlin  " Greece's government seeks economic salvation by disreputable means...unconscionable grandstanding...Greece is not a victim of austerity".

Euronews- 'Agree to disagree'.

Svenska Dagbladet: Emptying the coffers

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