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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Australia: The Artists of Arnhem Land (1963; David Attenborough); Banished, Historical Drama, 1788

Some programmes of their time

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Adventure-Quest under Capricorn: 4. The Artists of Arnhem Land

First transmitted in 1963, David Attenborough looks at the aboriginal artists of Arnhem Land in Australia's Northern Territory. He discovers why they paint and in doing so, gets some insight into the very origins of art.

The First Australians (1963)

Borroloola (1963)

Buffalo, Geese and Men (1963)

More up-to-date: Rick Stein, A Cook Abroad

A new historical drama: Banished, Episode 1

It is 1788 in New South Wales, and dawn is breaking over the ramshackle camp where British convicts and their masters are waking up to another dangerous day (NB strong language and some violence).

Several reviews emphasised the grimness and brutality of the drama.

Telegraph Review

Trailer, Episode 4

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