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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Greece: The Primary Surplus; the word 'Appropriate' and Constructive Ambiguity - No specific primary surplus target; Greece and Germany

From Kathimerini - "Greece believes that the February 20 Eurogroup agreement means that there is no specific primary surplus target for this year, a leading Greek negotiator has told Kathimerini".

Following the 20th February Eurogroup Meeting, the Greek side insisted that the choice of  the word "appropriate" was made very deliberately, and was used to secure an adequate degree of flexibility.

News about government liquidity and the financial situation (in Greek)

Irish attitudes, DW

Sweeping Changes, EuroNews

Structural Reforms, IMF, Lagarde; Reuters

Ta Nea -  «Καμία εκταμίευση δόσης στην Ελλάδα χωρίς αξιολόγηση», διαμηνύει ο Κλάους Ρέγκλινγκ

Manos Matsaganis, Open Democracy (link acknowledgement to Observing Greece)

Spiegel Online  -  link via Observing Greece

Harsh words (Mignatiou) - Schäuble-Tsipras

Trust and confidence destroyed (Spiegel Online) - Schäuble-Tsipras: "Bundesfinanzminister Schäuble ist wütend. Scharf rechnet er mit der griechische Regierung ab. Er wirft Premier Tsipras und seinen Leute vor, nicht nur Absprachen zu brechen, sondern auch die eigenen Leute zu belügen...Griechenland habe 'über seine Verhältnisse' gelebt und müsse sich 'langsam der Realität annähern'".

Summary in English (Intelligent News)


Economic Strangulation Plan? Protothema - Σχέδιο αποσταθεροποίησης από ακραίους συντηρητικούς κύκλους της Ευρώπης

A financial snapshot of Greece, The New Athenian - "Greeks are just as worried as their creditors during this hiatus between the Feb. 20 agreement and legislation backing it up. The Athens stock market continues to fall, and some 20bn euros lifted from bank deposits before and since the election have not returned".

Tsipras to the Kremlin, - Tsipras: visit to Moscow early April, for meeting with Vladimir Putin. According to exclusive information of Youth, the Kremlin responded positively (noon Monday) to the request submitted by the Greek Government; Tsipras appointment with Putin set for April 8.

Confirmation from Kathimerini

Payouts loom, Bloomberg

Solidarity Has Limits, Bloomberg

If Greece Opens Its Borders, EU Observer

Mail Online, Reparations

Deutsche Welle - German coalition politicians break ranks on Greek WWII reparations

"Leaders from the junior partner in Germany's coalition government have lent their support for Greek war reparations. They said Germany's moral and legal duties should be separated from the Greek debt debate".

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