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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Hi-Res Music: Why Only Some Recordings Truly Rock

"Hi-Res Audio Hijinx: Why Only Some Albums Truly Rock - With all the buzz surrounding hi-res audio, music has the potential to sound truer than ever. But the path to aural bliss can be fraught with peril" (Wilson Rothman, Wall Street Journal).

(For info: An Amazon Ap - "Buy CDs or vinyl from Amazon and its Autorip service* lets you stream or download the MP3 version for free, yet this can also apply to music you've bought from Amazon at any time since 1999. You can potentially recover more than a decade of forgotten music - from CDs you've lost, damaged or thrown away, and MP3s you downloaded that have since been wiped from your electronic devices").

While some music-lovers are going forward, to Hi-Res recordings (Wall Street Journal), I go backwards in time towards the 78rpm record; I like the music to jump straight from the grooves. I guess that makes me an aural Luddite.

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