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Friday, 27 March 2015

Greece: Fiscal Measures; «Σκληρά» δημοσιονομικά μέτρα

From Kathimerini

PM Tsipras: The time has come to change the world (Avgi) SYRIZA/PODEMOS

Reuters - "Greece is unlikely to exit the euro, either intentionally or accidentally. But it might be forced to introduce an alternative means of payment, in parallel to the euro, to pay some domestic bills if a reform-for-cash deal with its creditors is not secured soon, several euro zone officials said".

The Economist - The Squeeze Tightens

Der Spiegel report - Die Finanzlage Griechenlands verschärft sich nach Informationen des SPIEGEL durch den Reformstopp der Regierung Tsipras deutlich. Experten rechnen mit einer zusätzlichen Lücke von bis zu 20 Milliarden Euro.

Telegraph report - Greece aims to unlock bail-out cash with €3bn reform plan
'Anti-austerity government submits revenue raising measures but insists it will not carry out "recessionary" reforms'.

Lafazanis to visit Moscow, Reuters - Greek energy minister to visit Moscow, hits out at Germany...
"The Germanized European Union is literally choking our country and tightening week by week the noose around the economy," he said.

Few chances of Eurogroup soon, Kathimerini

The climate in Brussels, Mignatiou

BBC News -  Greece's creditors mull new reform plans

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