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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Greece and the Brussels Group: The BGs; Power Struggle in Brussels and Berlin

From Protothema - "Bye-bye Troika. Hello Brussels Group".

Ilias Makris: Cartoon, Kathimerini

Song "You Win Again", Bee Gees

Protothema: "The technical teams comprising officials from the EC, ECB, IMF, ESM/EFSM and Greece will be called Brussels Group (BG). A new term has been added in the long list of code names used in the negotiations between Greece and its international creditors, after the recent replacement of “Troika” by the “Institutions.” According to government sources, the technical teams comprising officials from the EC, ECB, IMF, ESM/EFSM and Greece that will meet in Brussels with the purpose of finding a mutually satisfying solution will be called Brussels Group (BG).The same unnamed sources revealed that the Brussels Group will have the authority to send technical advisers to Greece in order to hold talks with same rank officials".

Greek News Agenda

To Vima - "Unlike the troika, these technical teams will not be allowed in ministries or other government agencies".

Reminiscent of Andreas Papandreou? FT - Rhetoric and tactics echo older Greek drama

Getty Images, Paris Match

Mignatiou: Fewer interviews and photo-shoots

Another interview, Mignatiou - Ο κ. Βαρουφάκης δήλωσε επίσης μετανιωμένος για τη φωτογράφηση στο περιοδικό Paris Match. «Θα ήθελα να μην είχε γίνει αυτή η φωτογράφηση, το μετανιώνω… Η αισθητική αυτών των φωτογραφιών δεν μου αρέσει»

The Photo-shoot, Kathimerini - "The reaction on social media was instant, with the finance chief in Greece's new hard-left SYRIZA government which has described the country's financial plight as a humanitarian crisis heavily criticized."

Tsipras-Juncker Statements (video)

Tsipras-Schulz -on 60% youth unemployment and social issues; misunderstandings, confrontations and tensions; Tsipras "there is no Greek problem, there is a European problem".


Spiegel Online - Endgame: Power Struggle in Brussels and Berlin over Fate of Greece


New Europe Online, Basil Coronakis  - "When will the Greeks return from wonderland…"

"Recent polls in Greece indicate that approximately 80% are enthusiastically happy with their new Left - Quasi Far Right coalition government...This would be good, if this 80% did not believe that everything has changed in Greece and life has returned to the pre-crisis bonanza".

Varoufakis, ready to delay some election promises, Kathimerini

'Varoufakis indicated on Friday a willingness to compromise. "If this means that, for the next few months that we have negotiations, we suspend or we delay the implementation of our (election) promises, we should do precisely that in the context to build trust with our partners...,» he said'.

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