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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sweden: Stockholm Parking Fines to Increase; A Model for Greece? Other Models - Shoppers' Two Hour Parking Permits

From Svenska Dagbladet

Given the revenue collection shortfall problems faced by successive Greek governments and municipalities, I cannot understand why on-the-spot parking fines (or enforceable parking tickets) are not introduced and strictly implemented and policed. It would help if better parking facilities were created first, of course...

In Stockholm, the maximum parking fine is currently 1000 Kronor (almost £80). It is set to rise.
Nobody likes to find a parking ticket tucked under the windscreen wiper. In Dorset, England, the standard fine is £60 (£30 if you pay before the deadline expires - otherwise it doubles).

Until such a time as there are adequate public car-parks with signs and ticket machines on an island like Corfu, there could be a variation of the UK shoppers' parking permits (for short-stay parking, up to two hours), or for long-stay car-parks. See the West Dorset model. It is very convenient, it's fair, affordable, and it works well. Ideal - if it could be implemented- for an island like Corfu?

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