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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Athens, Greece, Polytechnic; Graffiti; Respect for Historical Marble Monuments and Buildings; Art or Vandalism - Acropolis Next?

From Kathimerini

Prosecutor's probe

"First instance prosecutor Ilias Zagoraios ordered an urgent preliminary investigation into a giant black and white graffiti that appeared on the walls of the National Technical University of Athens, also known as the Polytechnic, last week. Zagoraios suggests that those responsible for the graffiti should face charges for the vandalism of a public monument. It is not known who spray-painted the institution’s walls" - Kathimerini.

Η εκπομπή Γιώργου Τράγκα στον Real FM:

George Trangas became quite agitated about the graffiti this morning, on (listen)

How, he asked, can anyone dare to go and ask Europeans to return Ancient Greek marbles when such architectural desecration - as the graffiti on the Polytechnic - can occur in Athens: next time will the graffiti be sprayed on the Acropolis itself? 

That's one very controversial point of view. Luckily, I seldom listen to (or happen to overhear) such broadcasts. Satellite radio brings the programme all the way to the UK.


Clean-up begins, May 7, 2015 

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