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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Zagori, Greece: A Song from Zagori (Lyric in English Translation)

I don't know this traditional Zagori song in Greek, but it appears in Hilary Pym's translation in "Songs of Greece, A Companion for Travellers, London, 1968:

Friends, why aren't you eating and drinking?
Maybe you don't like our bread?
We'll send next door and change it.
Maybe you don't like our wine?
We've other casks, we'll change it.
Is it the food that you don't like?
We've other cooks, we'll change them.
Maybe it's my poor wife that you don't like?
She's all I've got, can't change her.

Ghika, Sketch of Chef 
(Benaki Museum)

Can anyone supply the Greek text, or further information about the source of the song?

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