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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Greece-Russia: Tsipras in Moscow; RT; NYT - and more

Kathimerini update

Further update



Reuters Update (Privatisations programme)

Reuters Update 2 (Pensions and Labour Market reforms)

Ta Nea: The Greek Pensions System is Not Sustainable (Lagarde, IMF)

Update from RT

Turkish Stream, Greece as energy hub? RT

BBC News

Avgi Report

NYT Report

Deutsche Welle

Bild -  "Gas, Geld, Gemüse - wie Putin die Griechen wieder flüssig machen will", Tsipras did not abandon the EU line

ZDF, Schultz

ZDF- Putin and Tsipras

Kathimerini Greek

Kathimerini, English

Before the meeting:

RT reports- what can Tsipras expect

"Bailout? Gas? Sanctions? How Putin could help Greece (and annoy everyone else)" - RT Tweet

"Is Russia going to bail out Greece?
"Rumors have been abuzz that Athens and Moscow are plotting a secret bailout ever since the idea was first floated by Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov days after the Syriza party won the elections in January. Russian daily Kommersant reported that Moscow is ready to offer indirect financial help, citing an unnamed government source".

READ MORE: Greece to turn to Russia for economic help - media

“We are ready to consider the issue of allowing Greece a gas discount: under the contract, the gas price is linked to the oil price that has gone significantly lower in recent months,” as Kommersant cites a Russian government source.

“We are also ready to discuss the possibility of allowing Greece new loans. But in turn we are interested here in reciprocal moves, in particular in terms of Russia getting certain assets from Greece,” the source added, without specifying the sort of assets he was talking about.

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has said that his country “will never ask for financial assistance from Moscow,” in an interview with Zeit online in early February.- From RT


"A gamble that could backfire", New York Times

"Greece should be wary" - New York Times

The Telegraph



Greece, Debt Timeline, Wall Street Journal

Explaining the Greek Debt Crisis, NYT

T-Bills sold (but no foreign funds)


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