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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Greece: After Easter - Strategic Defaults? Strategic Advantages? Two views; Μνημόνιο με άλλο όνομα; No Satisfactory List of Reforms Yet

No satisfactory list of reforms yet, Ta Nea: Klau Regling, European Stability Mechanism

Memorandum, by whatever name, Mignatiou - Μνημόνιο υπάρχει με άλλο όνομα

Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Reuters report - Euro zone officials shocked by Greece's stance

Ta Nea in Greek - ζητούσε χρήματα σαν “ταξιτζής”»

Greek Finance Ministry response - "Finance ministry dismisses FAS report as 'undermining' and inaccurate"

More on Greek response

Kathimerini cites FT article

Reuters: Greek Government Denial



The Times

Kathimerini on Buffett

Ilias Makris, Kathimerini Cartoon (Twitter)

Reuters - has Greece blown it?

Kathimerini Greek version

Guardian report

On home foreclosures

"Greece's draft law to protect primary residences from foreclosures goes beyond protecting low-income debtors and could encourage strategic defaults, the European Central Bank said in a legal opinion on Saturday in a potential setback to the plan...'It is likely that the prohibitions in the draft law will incentivize debtors who are not in real need of protection to stop meeting their obligations or reduce them significantly, even if they have the means to meet them in full.'"

Mignatiou - Το νομοσχέδιο για την πρώτη κατοικία θα ωφελήσει και “μπαταχτσήδες” λέει η ΕΚΤ

Avgi responds-  Στρατηγική αναβάθμιση της Ελλάδας μετά τη συμφωνία Τσίπρα - Πούτιν

"Ungrateful" - from Avgi

Ilias Makris cartoon in Kathimerini

Free-range lamb? No, fish farm!

London Review of Books, John Lanchester, July 2011 "Once Greece Goes..."

China and Piraeus Port (Spiegel Online)

Nikos Sokianos, Protagon - Ο μονόδρομος προς την νέα δραχμή

Le Monde  - "La Grèce est un peu ces derniers jours dans l’œil du cyclone. Un calme apparent marqué seulement par les célébrations de Pâques"

IMF developments (Kathimerini)

Greece a top EU defence spender, EU Observer

From January 2013 posting:

Greece near top on defence spending


Despite the economic crisis, Greece is the second-biggest defence spender among the 27 Nato countries after the United States, and spends over 2% of GDP on defence, according to statistics from the Alliance, reports the New York Times. More than 73% of the Greek defence budget is for personnel costs.

New York Times article

SIPRI Yearbook 2012: Military Expenditure in Greece

In US dollars: 7,502,000,000
% of GDP: 2.3%
Per capita: $1,230

See also February 2012 posting: Greece still a "paradise for retired army officers"?

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