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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Greece: Vitsa, Zagori; Takimi of Epirus CD; Epirot Music

Wonderful music recorded in Vitsa, Zagori.

Recorded in Vitsa's village square by Christopher King.

Chris writes:

"In August of 2014 I made another trip to Epirus to interview the Roma musicians of Zagori and Ioannina including the group Takimi. I also made a series of field recordings using a KORG-MR-1000, one omnidirectional microphone, and one dynamic microphone. All of these recordings were made either in village courtyards, under the plane tree or in the courtyards of local monasteries. These recordings show a profound continuity between the music captured on 78 rpm discs from the 1920s-1950s and the song & dance tunes that are played in Epirus to this day. These unique field recordings will be issued commercially through JSP records. This collection of Takimi of Epirus will be available worldwide in June of 2015. Here are two of the tracks on the collection".

Essential CD!

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