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Sunday, 12 April 2015

UK Election: The Family Home and the Inheritance Tax; Conservative Pledge to take the Family Home out of Inheritance Tax

A vote-winner? About time!

BBC Report

The Guardian

From David Cameron:

I remember so well the day my first son was born - and in that moment, when you become a parent, absolutely everything changes.

Everything you do is for your children.

You've got this huge responsibility not just to love them, but to provide for them throughout their life.

And you want to know that even after you're gone, you can still provide for them.

Because there is no more important kind of security than knowing your family is going to be OK financially.

And that is why the next Conservative Government will take the family home out of inheritance tax.

That home you have worked and saved for belongs to you and your family - you should be able to pass it on to your children.

And with the Conservatives, you'll be able to pass on up to £1 million per married couple completely tax-free - giving more security to families across the country.

This is part of our plan to build a Britain where those who work hard and do the right thing get rewarded for their efforts.

Sky News on polls

A less popular policy:

Tom Copley on "Right to Buy" and Housing Association Tenants

The Telegraph Julia Hartley-Brewer - "Extending the right to buy is economically illiterate and morally wrong - At a time of housing crisis, when 1.8 million families languish on council waiting lists, how can David Cameron justify a massive £5.8 billion sell-off?"

Conservative Manifesto

"Our manifesto sets out how we will make this a country where those who work hard and do the right thing can enjoy a good life:

The personal tax-free allowance raised to £12,500

No 40p tax until you're earning £50,000

The family home taken out of Inheritance Tax

£8 billion more a year for our NHS - so it's there for your family, 7 days a week

Rail fares frozen for five years

Welfare controlled to reward work

Multinationals pursued so they pay their tax

The Right to Buy extended to 1.3 million extra families

30 hours of free childcare a week for working families with 3 and 4 year-olds

Everyone earning the Minimum Wage lifted out of income tax altogether"

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