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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

USA: Heavy Traffic, Sat-Nav (GPS),and the End of the Great Road Trip Phantasy

It's still great when you're really rolling on an open, empty road out in the country, but not so cool or exhilarating when you're glancing nervously at that purple line on the sat-nav, or stuck in a long tail-back because of major road-works up ahead.

There's so much visual and audio information to be interpreted in congested urban areas that I don't even switch on the radio or play a CD these days. Not so many kicks on Route 66 near DC.

So here's one last spin for "Promised Land" (Johnny Allen version) and "Back in the USA" (Chuck Berry, TV), original version.

I love being in the USA, but now I'm ready to be taken home to those quiet country lanes of Dorset and Somerset.


"we were like some last, vast
final dinosaur,
crawling feebly home somewhere..."

From jam, by Charles Bukowski

"who the hell wants to catch a
.32 caliber bullet in order to gain
3 car lengths in
heavy traffic?"

From traffic report, by Charles Bukowski

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