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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Greece: U-Turn on Property Tax (ENFIA) - and other twists and turns

On Property Tax

"After its pre-election pledge to raise the minimum salary to 751 euros per month, two more of the government’s promises have now been postponed for 2016: the abolition of the Single Property Tax (ENFIA), which will continue this year as it was in 2014, and the increase in the income tax-free threshold to 12,000 euros per year, which won’t happen until next year", Kathimerini

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Washington, Moscow and the Oil, Forbes

Professor Sir Christopher Pissarides on the impact of a Grexit on incomes

Reuters -  "a senior euro zone official involved in the talks said that to secure any deal, Greece would have to make a substantial concession on at least one of three disputed issues - pensions, labor market reform and taxation".

Cash transfer decree and the Constitution

A "Holiday Tax" or illegal accommodation tax

Protagon - Γιατί είναι αδύνατη μια γρήγορη ενδιάμεση συμφωνία

Reuters - Eurogroup's Dijsselbloem says Greece will not make it without aid

Vote on Re-Opening National TV Station, ERT

Athens University overtime investigation poll (vote count as at 10am UK time, 29 April):

If the government and the country's lenders do not come to an agreement, what should be done to break the deadlock?

Referendum                                3621    33.83%

New elections                              1724    16.11%

Government of National Unity  5007   46.79%

I do not know / No answer           350     3.27%

Total:                                          10702

The Uncompromising Lafazanis "Pro-Rupture" article, The Greek Analyst

Holding firm, The Telegraph

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