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Friday, 24 April 2015

John Craxton Exhibition in Dorchester, Dorset; Dorset and Greece; Cranborne Chase and Crete

A truly inspiring exhibition, especially if you love the landscapes of Dorset and Greece. Craxton captured the movements, posture and stances of Greek dancers, bouzouki players, fishermen and goatherds.

Dorset Country Museum: A Poetic Eye (A Poetic Eye: John Craxton on Cranborne Chase and Crete)

David Attenborough on John Craxton, BBC video

Dorset Magazine article (also features Alderholt Mill)

BBC Your Paintings, 33 John Craxton works

Four Figures in a Mountain Landscape

Hotel By The Sea

Pastoral for P.W.

The Dancer

Three Dancers

Knowlton Church (Bonhams)

Knowlton Church, Dorset (Christie's)

Artnet image

“The Dorset landscape is not an obvious physiognomy but, like a person, has many hidden aspects – the mysterious enigmatic earthworks, tumuli and barrows, the atmosphere of conspiracy from the great days of smuggling still lingers, the deep, impenetrable forests with King John’s hunting lodge to prove that time is ever relative. Nearby Knowlton Church could have been a set from an M.R. James ghost story, and had me in awe from the first - a ruin in the middle of a double prehistoric earthwork, the pagan temple and the Christian church each crumbling away back to earth.” John Craxton

Ian Collins' book (outstanding - essential)

A pity the book doesn't contain a reproduction of the 1946 British Council Athens exhibition photograph of John Craxton with Nico Ghika and Rex Warner. It's on display in the Dorchester exhibition.

A book that inspired David Attenborough:

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