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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Vince Cable, New Statesman Interview; UK, Liberal Democratic Party

The veteran Liberal Democrat on the Prime Minister's rhetoric and his own leadership plans.

Vince Cable says comparing Theresa May's conference speech to Mein Kampf was 'quite reasonable', Business Insider UK

I'm beginning to think Brexit may never happen, says Vince Cable, The Guardian


MP Richard Drax hits back at claims that 'old people in church halls obsessed with immigrants' in Dorset led to Brexit vote, Dorset Echo

"South Dorset MP Richard Drax has hit back at claims that older people in Dorset church halls who are ‘obsessed with immigrants’ made up a large share of the Brexit vote. Sir Vince Cable, who is tipped to become the next Lib-Dem party leader, made the comments at a Westminster lunch.
He claimed a powerful section of the Brexit vote was made up of old people obsessed with worrying about millions of Turks coming to Britain even though they had never met an immigrant. He also characterised much of the Tory Brexit vote as older people he met in church halls in places like Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset, suggesting they had been sold lies. Sir Vince told a Westminster lunch: “They were overwhelmingly elderly people who were obsessed by the worry of 80 million Turks coming over and being in their village, immigration was a massive issue for them although they never actually encountered any. “I’m putting it slightly facetiously, but in that age group, which was a very powerful one, mostly Conservative voting, there was a sense of nostalgia - the Britain that they’d been brought up in and loved and were comfortable with was no longer there.”

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