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Monday, 24 July 2017

"Brexit must stand", Niall Ferguson

From The Sunday Times - "It is not our finest hour, but Brexit must stand"

"It remains very difficult for me to imagine exiting from Brexit. I certainly see no way of reverting to the status quo ante, even if the public were to swing decisively against leaving (which has not yet happened, if the polls are any guide). Now that article 50 has been invoked, the remaining EU member states have us at their mercy; any return to EU membership would be on the standard terms, not the special, privileged relationship successfully negotiated by Margaret Thatcher and John Major. We would, for example, be asked to commit ourselves to joining the single currency. That alone makes it clear how politically unpalatable a volte-face would be...I was against Brexit a year ago, but subsequently came to the conclusion that it would be better for both the EU nations and the UK to get a divorce, for they want a federal Europe and we never did..."

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